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An influencer database for results-driven marketers.

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Modash UI how to find influencers fast

Insights you need, faster.

Lightning fast search results, audience analysis and exports for getting things done yesterday.

With more accurate data.

Modash has more accurate data than alternatives. Now you can make the right choices and target your customers.

Influencers from all over the world

Every influencer.

Every city, every country, everywhere. Get access to every influencer on Instagram and Twitch. 

Get Influencer contact details.

Easily export influencer contact details for outreach.

Your favourite outreach tools work great with Modash.


Ideal for scaling brands​
$ 249 per month, annually.
  • 5000 Searches
  • 500 Profile summaries
  • 100 Full reports
  • 300 CSV profile exports
  • Contact details


Ideal for getting serious​
$ 99 per month, annually.
  • 1000 Searches
  • 200 Profile summaries
  • 50 Full reports
  • 50 CSV profile exports
  • Contact details
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Ideal for getting started
$ 32 per month, annually.
  • 200 Searches
  • 40 Profile summaries
  • 20 Full reports


Just trying it out.
$ 0
  • A limited sample of Modash features.

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