Modash Mission

Modash consists of a bunch of troublemakers with extreme drive and a special ability to come together and make things happen, under any circumstances, by any means necessary.

Our vision is one where everyone making great things online can get paid to do it.

Today, we do that by bringing transparency and efficiency into the world of influencer marketing.
Our first step: most comprehensive and transparent way to analyze online creators and find influencers globally.

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Avery Schrader

Modash founder.

Avery is utterly obsessed with the ecosystem of digital creators who now dominate the internet. Rarely is he caught missing out on the recent happenings of the creator world and even launched a successful podcast project in 2018. 

His writing has been published across the web. Topics ranging from inbound marketing and influencers to Estonia’s startup visa and E-residency.

Hendry Sadrak

Modash founder.

Hendry’s past is riddled with development awards. These include being in the top 15 at Worldskills in São Paulo for web design and placing third at Euroskills 2016 for web development. 

Closing in on 10 years of Engineering experience, Hendry has been published in Hackernoon and interviewed on National television.

The Team


Renata Johanson

Content Emperor

Matthias Markus


Tajik Ifrad


Anwaar Malik

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You’ve come a long way

Looking for more info? API access? Have a question? No problem.

You've come a long way

Looking for more info? API access? Have a question? No problem.

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