An Influencer database free of charge.

Free to try. Modash’s database has 50,000,000 influencers globally.

Used by brands all around the world.

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What makes this influencer database free?

Well, we made it that way. We are so confident you’ll love the product that we decided to give it out for free.

If it solves your problems, you can upgrade it later.

That’s how it should be, right?

Who is in the free influencer database?

Over 50,000,000 accounts around the world can be found on Modash.

Our influencer database is free, easy to use and gives you the data you need to answer your questions.

Everything from engagement rate to audience location, age and much more.

Need an influencer database free of charge?

You can start searching right now, for free.


Is it hard to use?

No, we promise.

All you have to do is input a username.

If you’re not sure which influencer you want to check you can search through the Modash database and find new influencers to work with.

Is the Influencer database free forever?


There is a free tier which lets you check a few influencers and search the database and we will always have this opportunity.

Once you sign up, it’s even possible to get 60% off of the listed price for the full product.

“ Sometimes free is the best price. Some of our most active users are using our influencer database free of charge.

Later, when they need to get serious with influencers, they consider upgrading and we help them make that decision gently. 

Avery Schrader

Modash Co-founder

You found an influencer database free of charge.

That’s a great price. Give it a try.

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