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How to find Instagram influencers in 2019.

Micro influencers vs macro and how to find the best of them amongst the crowd.

A micro influencer is someone that holds a small audience in a particular niche. By our definition a micro influencer is someone between 1 – 99k followers. Anything more than this and you’re pushing up into a more expensive group of creators which can be extremely valuable, but more difficult to arbitrage.

According to Adweek, micro influencers drive 60 percent higher campaign engagement rates, are 6.7x as effective per engagement and are starting 22.2x times more conversations on social.

However micro influencers are typically hobbyist creators. They require more time on relationship management and guidance. They do though, have deep reach. When you find influencers who speak to your target audience you can have repeatable channel for ROI.

Deciding who is best to work with depends on your resources, goals and capability of handling relationship management. When finding instagram creators, keep in mind that they must be relevant to your brand and should represent your values, style and voice. They should have an active, authentic following and their audience should also be as close to your target audience as possible if you expect maximum return on your effort.

Need to find influencers on Instagram? There are only 3 ways.

Thousands of marketers every day are scouring the internet to find Instagram influencers. They will pour their precious moments of life looking for the tips, tricks and hacks to save their time.

Only the truth will set them free. There is 3 ways to find influencers on instagram. Manually, with an agency or with powerful tech. Here is the reality of finding instagram influencers in 2019.

Manually finding Instagram influencers.

The old fashion way. Some things never change. Manual data entry can find you the creators you’re looking for. But frankly it’s a shot in the dark, very time consuming and might drive you completely bonkers.

To find Instagram influencers manually, you first need to understand the kind of person you are looking for. Be careful not to base this on characteristics that don’t really matter to your business or campaign. I have personally witnessed someone type the word “cool” in the Instagram search bar to show me how easy it is to find cool influencers.

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