Influencer marketing tools can bring many things to mind. For many it’s a post price calculator, a tool to find instagram influencers, a simple marketplace to post products and have influencers promote them or an all in one influencer marketing tool. This article will break this down to the specific value that 4 trending influencer marketing tools bring, and why we think they are critical part of your influencer marketing tool box.

Go forth and crush.

Full disclosure: These influencer marketing tools are all included in the Modash platform.

1. A tool for finding fake followers.

The rise of influencer fraud is top of mind for many, but some tools can help you solve this. When finding influencers is hard enough, you need to avoid fake followers at all costs.

There are many ways these influencer marketing tools work to make sure followers are real. The most complex and accurate way to determine fake followings is to deploy a network graph analysis in order to determine fake followers as explained in a peer-reviewed study published in Hindawi:

“Social networks have become popular due to the ability to connect people around the world and share videos, photos, and communications. One of the security challenges in these networks, which have become a major concern for users, is creating fake accounts. In this paper, a new model which is based on similarity between the users’ friends’ networks was proposed in order to discover fake accounts in social networks.”

Influencer marketing tools offering fake following checks are quite plentiful. Some even claiming to break it down into more granular points like suspicious followers, fake followers and actively engaged followers.

When searching for the right influencer marketing tool for your company, keep in mind whether the technology behind the platform is accurate. Don’t be afraid to ask how things work or how accurate they are.

Save your time and money, avoid fakers.

2. Influencer marketing tools for Relationship management

For years, we have used workflow tools to manage relationships in sales, recruiting and human resources. However there is still hesitation to believe that collaborations between influencers and brands require the right tools to be managed effectively.

Marketers are still writing hundreds of messages through tiny chat windows in social platforms and influencer marketing tools have shied away from true relationship management. Other than Traackr and Modash, no-one is really doing influencer relationship management right.

Influencer marketing tools for relationship management are needed in order to run the kind of campaigns that actually work, long term and always on. The best examples of influencer campaigns are the ones where the marketer and influencer have come together to collaborate and communicate in order to find the best way to get the job done. Then, they continue to execute on campaigns that are mutually beneficial and bring value to the target audience. This can’t be done effectively through a social media chat window if you’re running impactful campaigns, real tools are needed.

Despite the lack of options for strong relationship management you can often hack together other tools to make something worthwhile. Before the inception of Modash, I had used Pipedrive in combination with some tools which no-longer are available in order to run influencer marketing campaigns. Try tying a combination of tools together to build out a custom relationship management tool that suits your needs.

3. Influencer marketing tools with in-depth audience data.

The unwinding of one of the best influencer discovery tools happened in 2018, after Instagram put their thumb on people utilizing their platform without their express permission. Many influencer marketing pros were shattered, having lost their go-to tool for all things influencer analysis and discovery.

Of course, there are hundreds of influencer marketing tools that allow you to find several influencers who post about a specific topic or in a certain niche. You can use tools to find influencers based on how many followers they have, their engagement rate etc. The problem is, these things don’t help us understand who we are reaching.

Advanced influencer marketing tools help you to discover influencers based on the audiences, age and gender, the cities they live in, the brands they engage with and so on. Influencer marketing is about the audience and their trust in the influencer you choose to work with. When you make the decision to use an influencer marketing tool, make sure it will help you to determine the target audience you need to reach.

4. Legal tools for automated influencer outreach.

Whether you’re finding influencers on instagram or hunting for them in the streets, at some point you’ll have to manage the outreach. You can of course copy and paste messages into chat boxes to initiate your campaign until Instagram blocks your account and crushes your engagement. But there is some ways to get around this laborious data-entry.

To avoid Instagram messages being blocked, try a tool like Spintax to reorganize your messages as you send them, flying under the instagram radar. Just be careful not to send messages too quickly, even if they are very different. Instagram might flag you as a suspicious user and punish your account.

To do mass-outreach via email, a tool like woodpecker is trusted by many influencer marketers around the globe. You can set up woodpecker to send emails and follow-ups automatically as though you sent them manually. The problem might arise that you first need to find the instagram influencers email’s. To do this, use a tool that is data-compliant and make sure to follow the straight and narrow.

These are four examples of influencer marketing tools you absolutely need to figure out in order to run meaningful influencer marketing campaigns in 2019. It’s hard to set up a toolkit that will work for years to come and provide ROI. But it can save you massive amounts of time if you find the ones that work for you. For some people, it can be the difference between 15 hours and 15 minutes.