influencer marketing success with veriff

Case Study: Veriff’s influencer marketing campaign TRIPLED web traffic.

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Veriff, newcomer of the year in the Estonian startup ecosystem and one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, shook the streets with an influencer campaign powered by Modash.

The Ycombinator backed company has scaled fast since raising 8 million euros in funding. Growth means growing pains, but we have never met a company that expanded their employee base as quickly as Veriff. From 50 to 150 in 2 months and now jumping to 250, they know the frustrating pain of reaching the best fitting talent as quickly as humanly possible.

Adding influencer marketing firepower to the recruiting strategy:
With the support of Modash, Veriff built, launched and measured a highly successful influencer marketing campaign that covered 10% of the Estonian population.

In depth audience analysis helped them reach highly targeted audiences with 20 Estonian influencers. A stellar example of influencer marketing and executed with great storytelling, Veriff is one our favorite campaigns to date.

A celebration to be remembered.

veriff celebrating their 100th employee thanks to influencer marketing

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