Comparison of influencer marketing platforms and influencer marketing agencies

Consider an influencer marketing platform before an influencer marketing agency.

You’re stuck. So many local influencer marketing players and influencer directories float around. Hotbeds of excel sheets filled with influencer @handles still reign. The influencer marketing space is still finding its maturity. There has been incredible failures. Some completely fraudulent platforms have grabbed money and run as fast as they could. There is free alternatives, where you get what you pay for and end up frustrated.

Yet influencer marketing platforms like Modash grow stronger every day and our customers see real results of their campaigns.

Influencer marketing agencies themselves are also on the rise. Lists of hundreds of agencies offering influencer marketing services are surfacing all over the web. The truth is, they serve a great purpose to. But they do play the role of a powerful middle man and charge a premium to the brand and the influencer.

Here are the biggest misconceptions about the influencer marketing tools you can use to get the job done yourself. Also a few ideas to weigh in when choosing your influencer marketing future.

Finding influencers made Easy

Find influencers that speak to your target audience. Check for fake followers. Filter them by audience's age, language, location and more.


Long ago, this might have been true. Influencer marketing amateurs were advised to test an influencer marketing strategy that was carried by an agency.

This was for many reasons, these were the days before micro influencers hit marketing’s radar. Clearly, it is not easy for just any brand to reach out to a huge celebrities foster a meaningful collaboration. But influencer marketing tools can help you find hundreds and even millions of influencers who speak to your audience and make the outreach more automatic than ever.


The need for large powerful intermediaries between brands and influencers is coming to an end. Influencer platforms are becoming so easy an intuitive that you can conceptualize and execute an entire campaign all by yourself – at just fraction of cost of hiring an agency.


With Modash you can generate a list of influencers that match your exact criteria, with the promise that each profile is verified as real, reach out to them straight from the platform and assign a budget, all within few clicks and minutes of your time.

graphics of modash find influencers function ad creator audience data


Yeah, sure. Neither is booking a flight. Or an Airbnb. See what i’m poking at here? 

Which one of these takes you more than a couple of minutes to complete? That’s the beauty of platforms – it brings your power and your time back to you.

Modash customers can define influencer criteria and set a campaign up and running within minutes. A stark contrast between the hours or even days just to exchange emails between you an ad agency whenever you want to tweak something.

With effective tools you can do both. Find highly targeted influencers and run a campaign, both from the same place, and within minutes. No learning curve, no extended negotiations. Full control for the brand in the passenger seat.

graphics showing how easy it is to build an influencer marketing campaign with


You may consider that for high level campaigns, an agency is a better idea due to its deep connection and rapport with individual influencer. Fair enough, but it’s worth questioning how influencers feel about agencies taking 50-60% of their asking price. Another problem is if you’re a company looking to experiment or expand, you might not be comfortable with agencies biases, based on their own level of access.

Not all Influencer marketing software is not just a pile of clever discrete code. There are people behind, super passionate about the creator ecosystem, building valuable relationship with influencers every single day.Keeping up with the digital creator ecosystem and working directly with creators. That helps us keep in touch with why we started Modash in the first place.

That’s why Modash provides a Dedicated Account Manager for our Enterprise users who need further personal touch with selected influencers.


Running a new clothing brand awareness campaign with influencers is an obvious move. Anyone can do that and is the most obvious campaign type for such business. But what about CPA campaign? How can I trust you guys to achieve 5c per download rather than $50?

That’s a great question. Did we mention that some of the best influencer marketing platforms are run by passionate people that care about creators?

Their teams are also powered by experienced marketing strategists and people who understand campaign objectives and performance metrics. Perhaps there is a better way to achieve your goals than influencer marketing?

Any company worth its salt is one that provides value to its customers. If influencer marketing isn’t the right choice for you, you’ll know we think that way. Our job is to build a group of extremely happy customers to help grow our business for years to come.

Modash has fixed campaigns for fashion brands, high tech companies and even the government of Estonia. We’ve also turned away thousands of euros from companies we knew would not get the results they needed in their current stage.


Hence an may be a better option. Maybe, but we’re not convinced. Adding additional layers of separation often doesn’t make things less complicated. Influencers, contrary to popular belief, are totally passionate, normal human beings with needs, fears and frustrations.

Sure there are few rotten apples in every basket. But these are exceptions. We work with influencers every day and hang around them more than with our own families.

You know what is common for all of them? Passion and joy for their craft. Technology can protect you from bad actors, fake accounts and creators who aren’t relevant to your brand.

Graphic that shows how helps with tracking influencer marketing campaigns


This article pushes hard towards the idea of using influencer marketing platforms, but the truth is that agencies do have value. They have in house experts who can execute incredible creative, strategy and have a vast number of contacts in their little black book.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you build the full functionality of an influencer campaign. Execute it and represent your brand without taking the time of an in house team, an influencer marketing agency might be right for you.

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