Here’s why you should reconsider using influencer marketing tools.

Influencer marketing hub says that there were 740 companies providing influencer marketing services in 2018.


Local influencer marketing agents, influencer directories, influencer tools, Influencer marketing agencies and general marketing agencies providing influencer services. There is a crazy number of resources to go for for work related to influencers.


As far as tools and platforms go, the space is still finding its maturity. There has been platforms trying to cheat the system by using arbitrary multipliers to measure key metrics. There’s also free alternatives, where you get what you pay for and end up frustrated.


This saturation in the space has led to a reasonable mistrust of automated platforms and influencer marketing in general. To ease the workload people are rather opting to hire an agency to handle the full stack of influencer workload. We’re not convinced this is the right move, and think you should reconsider using an influencer marketing platform.

Before you give up hope on automation and tools, here are the common misconceptions many people have about Modash.

Are influencer marketing platforms suitable for beginners?

Often, our potential customers approach us already hesitating out of fear that it’s too much of a learning curve.


We get it. We have tested marketing tools from across the industry. Everything from social media marketing tools like Buffer to the big marketing and business analytics tools like Microsoft dynamics. They can be daunting. But Modash’s inspiration has come from the places we all know to be easy.


The simple but incredibly useful functionality of social media marketing tools like Buffer , the elegance of influential platforms like AirBnB and even the most popular communications tools in the world such as Slack and Facebook Messenger. We strive to take inspiration from the best in the world and make it as easy as possible for our users to reach success. That’s our job, after all.


In fact, some first time Modash subscribers have moved so quickly through the campaign building and launching process, that we’ve had to speed up the tech to keep up with them. So while some tools can be hard to use, this one won’t hold you back from getting things done as easily as possible.

Are influencer marketing tools slower than manually working with influencers?

If you’re working with 1 or 2 influencers, this could be the case. But once you start to scale influencer marketing beyond 3 or 4 creators it becomes risky business without help.

To the naked eye, influencers can seem amazing. They make great content, they seem to be relevant to your brand. But the truth is, beneath the surface things aren’t always how they seem in the influencer marketing landscape.

Even outside of protecting your campaigns from fake followers, simply understanding your audience is something taken too lightly. When you are working with several influencers, you spend time and money investing into those campaigns. Don’t risk it going to waste.

Without technology to verify the authenticity of the audience and truly target your risk wasting excessive time launching and managing campaigns that never reach your target audience.

Influencers don’t respond to messages from marketing platforms.

Some people feel that platforms are too impersonal for influencers to utilize.

We agree.

That’s why we did something different. We worked and learned with influencers who have garnered thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of followers to make sure every button is in the right place.

We care deeply about the creator community, it’s what inspired us to start Modash in the first place. We put extra effort into making sure we can bring them value because we believe that storytelling is important and creators bring value through sharing those stories.

The Modash team is deeply aware that without the support and trust of the creator community, we can never build a global and sustainable business. So rest assured that we’ve taken their every word into account and built a platform that lands higher response rate than working without a tool.


Occasionally, we come across something really cool. An interesting Idea for an influencer marketing campaign that we have never heard before. But the truth is, the fundamental influencer marketing logic remains.


Find trusted creators who speak to your target audience, repeatedly inspire them to present your brand in a meaningful way and measure (and optimize) the success over time. No matter the level of complexity associated with a campaign, these truths remain.


Modash’s job is to learn about new problems and complex issues on the go so we can solve them for the whole industry. No matter your goal is brand awareness, CPA or shooting confetti all over the place to hire new recruits. Modash’s platform will make it easy for you to build launch and measure your campaigns.

graphic displaying influencer marketing roi and measuring influence with


True. In fact, we’re always impressed when brands come to this realization. It’s the moment they realize that influencers too, are humans.


We have worked so hard from day one to build our platform to cater to the ideal influencer campaign as closely as possible. Always on relationships that are managed cross functionally between departments and can be measured from the top of the funnel to the bottom.


But the truth is, no matter how strong analysis is, no matter how many influencers we list, without the ability to empower brands to manage relationships, we are useless. That’s why Modash customers enjoy the value of not having to do first outreach to influencers. They have a centralized place to manage relationships and they can easily solve problems on the fly. That leaves time for the extra sugar and spice it takes to maintain these relationships over months, or years.


Influencer marketing is hard. In fact, it’s one of the channels still yet to mature and which is still being learned and adopted by the majority of marketers globally. Though ad-spending for influencers is due to hit 10B in the US, many marketers still have concerns.


Modash has worked to solve them. If you want to learn more about Modash or how we have connected brands to the campaigns which have generated them thousands of leads, click here.

Influencer marketing made Easy

Build, launch, manage and measure better than ever before. With Modash, you can stop with frustrating logistics and launch influencer marketing campaigns smoothly.

Veriff Case study

How a B2B company used influencers to hire new employees.
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