At Modash, we are working hard to bring you the benefits of advanced technologies. This is what allows us to help you find millions of influencers on social media. One technology we’re super excited about is image recognition. 

What is image recognition, anyway?

Advances in machine learning have brought us image recognition, the ability to translate visual information into pure data. Image recognition is a subset of computer vision, which is a set of technologies used to gather, process, and analyze real-world data. Apart from image recognition, computer vision also includes things like event detection, object recognition, image reconstruction, and video tracking.

Image recognition technology can identify and understand places, logos, people, objects, buildings, and other important information contained in images. With the world uploading photos and videos more than ever before, image recognition is an important tool Modash uses to digest and understand vast amounts of data in order to better serve you, our customers.

Why should Modash users be excited about image recognition?

Marketers who use Modash to find influencers have plenty of reasons to get excited about image recognition. With the power of image analysis, we  can use the data gathered from photos to help you find influencers whose audience has the characteristics you’re looking for.

For example, imagine you’re Adidas. You have a new line of wicked awesome pants coming out for young runners. You know your target market is between 16 and 25 years old and interested in hip-hop music and waffles. But you also know something else about them: they like Nike.

Using image recognition, Modash can analyze the posts of an influencer’s audience to learn what brands they’re excited about. If you’re Adidas, the ability to collaborate with someone influential that speaks directly to Nike’s audience could open up a whole world of opportunity.

What’s even cooler than speaking to your competitors’ audience? Speaking to your own. Using Modash, you can find and work with influencers who speak to your existing customers, who might be eager to buy again if they only knew you had released those amazing running pants.

Modash can use image recognition to filter unfriendly content.

Modash uses image recognition to help you understand who you are working with. It can be a marketer’s nightmare when a creator we’ve chosen to represent our brand does something unsavory. Image recognition is the best way to figure out what people are posting about so you can be sure your brand always stays on message.

Many online celebrity’s brands are built on positive content–rainbows and sunshine. But some are more satirical and include jokes that don’t fit into the brand image for every advertiser. We at Modash understand that, and we want to make it easier for you to filter out content that isn’t suitable for your brand’s stamp of approval.

Modash’s ( also a tool to help you analyze influencer marketing roi ) image recognition software analyzes images over time and tracks the frequency of unsavory content frequency. This lets you focus on collaborating with influencers who speak in a manner that resonates with your brand, minimizing the risk of an unpleasant experience for both the marketer and the influencer.

Modash has more thorough data thanks to image recognition.

Terms and conditions designed to protect users’ privacy on social media sites can make it very difficult to come up with meaningful insights from the raw data gathered from these sources. However, by using image recognition and related technologies like facial recognition, Modash can take seemingly useless media samples and turn them into valuable information for marketers on our platform.

For instance, some social media platforms don’t provide key information such as the age, ethnicity, or even gender of their users. Facial recognition can tell us all of these things and give us unique insights into users and their interests. Getting creative with data points is one way we help solve the problems and frustrations influencer marketing used to cause.

Image recognition, a small piece of the pie.

At Modash, we don’t shy away from challenge. When we start to think something might be impossible, that’s when we get excited. So when we first started building Modash, it became clear that we would need all-stars on the team in order to make this whole thing happen. We are constantly looking for unique ways to enrich and understand audience profiles. Image recognition is one way we make that happen. To find out more about what’s under the hood, sign up on our homepage.