LIFT99’s Podcast LIFTOFF! Influencer Marketing Case Study.

By: avery
February 25, 2019

LIFT99 and the LIFTOFF Backstory

In 2017, I started a podcast. I had the pleasure of sitting down with founders having started companies like Fanvestory, ChatCreate, Nevercode and other up-and-coming startup superstars. It was then that I first crossed paths with the CEO of LIFT99 and Co-founder of Pipedrive, Ragnar Sass.

After interviewing Ragnar, things moved quickly. LIFT99’s brand is based around startups, founders and building community. My show was identical and the mission of the two went hand-in-hand. We immediately started talks about integrating the show into the LIFT99 brand.

An influencer marketing campaign, targeted at founders and the startup ecosystem, by bringing top founders to tell their stories and generating huge amounts of content around it.

This is a case study of what can happen, when you adopt a complex influencer marketing strategy to drive brand awareness and community engagement.

Infograpic showing statistics of the Liftoff Live show

LIFT99 has successfully hosted the most popular entrepreneurship event series in Estonia for nearly a year now. Having had hundreds of people visit their hub through the LIFTOFF series, their space has been introduced to startup culture connoisseurs and professionals alike.

They have effectively generated enough content to help power their social media for years to come, and been able to further demonstrate LIFT99 as a community pillar permanently ingrained in in one of the most revered startup hubs in the world.

Part of the beauty of the LIFTOFF strategy, was that it was uniquely cost efficient. This was brought about by integrating a highly connected brand to the mix.

Liftoff show with the 3 biggest Estonian startup founders

Veriff Sponsors LIFTOFF

Veriff is an Estonian tech giant in the making. Founder and CEO Kaarel Kotkas has deep ties with LIFT99.

Veriff works hard to maintain their connection within the local startup ecosystem while they expand rapidly in foreign markets. Not to mention, no great tech company was built without great people and it is not easy to accomplish a goal as grand as theirs:

Gain the trust of the internet.

Veriff’s key goals while sponsoring the show:

Build notability in Central Eastern Europe for the purpose of:

Employer branding: Stand out from the crowd in order to hire the best engineers that are most engaged with the startup ecosystem and fit the Veriff Culture.

According to a study done by Linkedin, companies who invest in employer branding can often cut hiring expenses by 50%

Brand Strength: To stay top of mind for high-level professionals who might be Veriff’s target customer, key hire or local ambassador.

Sidenote: Ever wonder how great brands find influencers globally?

Thought Leadership: Associating Veriff with highly qualified and highly trusted individuals in the business space.

Credibility and trust is not something easily gained but makes consumers more eager to buy into your product and brand. Associating their brand with the founders of billion dollar companies like Rovio and Taxify has credibility building power.

The numbers don’t lie. But the stories pain the picture. Here are a few breakaway moments for Veriff at LIFTOFF

A call from the President’s Office “You guys are everywhere”

Veriff’s presence on the show landed the company the pleasant surprise of a call from the Estonian President’s Office themselves.

Asking interviewees, how did you find us?

“I watched that show when doing Veriff Research!”

Furthermore, the show helped Veriff acquire new employees who said they’d heard of or vetted the company while watching LIFTOFF.

Veriff founder Kaarel Kotkas packs the house with a audience of 140+

As a result vice versa, the LIFTOFF show benefitted strongly from the partnership. Thanks to Kotkas, we got more promotions which lead to Kaarel packing the house with more than 140 participants!

Moreover, the extended reach of all involved parties repurposing content in blogs, social snippets and case studies like this further powers the total impact of the project.

LIFTOFF Attendees have included the founders of:

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