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Better influencer marketing

Steal our favourite Influencer outreach tools and strategy for 2019

Better influencer marketing
8 min
August 20, 2019

Influencer outreach eats time. If you need to outreach to 10s or even hundreds of influencers it gets very time consuming very quickly. Crafting an influencer outreach strategy, finding the tools and setting them up can seem like a huge task.

So, instead of trying to find your own influencer outreach tools, just copy ours.

Getting emails for influencer outreach

The first step in being able to efficiently outreach to influencers (or anyone, for that matter), is having access to contact details. No brainer right?

How to find someones Instagram email automatically

Two disclaimers first:

  1. If you collect Instagram emails information, we urge you to follow all GDPR and other data protection guidelines.
  2. Make sure you’re following Instagram’s TOS and you are within the right to collect Instagram emails.

There are tools to find email addresses on instagram like Phantombuster, some more complex scraping tools like Octoparse and it’s possible to build a simple crawler to collect these.

If you have access to a web developer or a software team in your company, consider building a tool that suits your needs. Building small marketing automation is not an extreme amount of work and often saves hours of time.

Modash data export tool

In Modash, you can find influencers who have an audience matching your target. You can also build lists of those influencers and yes… you guessed it! You can export information about those profiles.

Modash allows you to get information like the audience’s location, age, interests and more. It also gives you the influencer’s number of followers, engagement rate, the number of fake followers and everything you could possibly want to know.

For users like you, that means contact info and a bunch of other info is at your fingertips, just waiting for you to try it for free.

All easily exported for our next step, automating your outreach strategy.

using influencer marketing tool modash to select and save influecners

Automating with influencer outreach tools

Woodpecker for influencer outreach with emails

using woodpecker for email automation

Woodpecker is a tool mostly build for business to business sales teams doing email outreach. That makes it perfect for pitching our campaigns to influencers.

In the end, we’re selling our campaign to these creators.

Woodpecker is great for two reasons:

  1. It is incredibly focused and simple in it’s design and the problem it solves.
  2. It integrates with your existing email and sends follow ups 1 at a time. It’s like sending emails one by one while you sleep.

The downsides are:

  1. It’s a bit pricey. 40 bucks per month per seat is a little wild for some companies. However, you do get what you pay for.
  2. While it might be a personal issue, we have occasionally had problems with Woodpecker emails being flagged as spam.

Woodpecker is a great choice for any email outreach strategy, including influencer marketing. But let’s explore another option.

Get response emails for influencer outreach strategy

email automations with getresponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation tool, with its direction going towards building automated sales funnels.

It has a really simple to use drag and drop style of creating email automations which makes it perfect for first time automation users.

GetResponse is great because:

  1. The basic package is inexpensive. 15 bucks per month and it is all you need for sending out automated follow ups.
  2. Automation can add tags to contacts, so you will always know at which stage of the automation each influencer is at.

GetResponse downsides:

  1. The email builder can be a bit of a pain to work with and navigate.
  2. GetResponse adds a footer at the bottom of your emails with a mandatory “unsubscribe” button. This kills personalization.

Overall GetResponse is a great option if you’re on a slim budget and want a multipurpose tool. For the 15 bucks you can have up to 1000 contacts in your lists.

Phantombuster for Instagram influencer comments

A selection of instagram integrations with phantombuster

Phantombuster is massively useful for a million marketing automations. In 2018, they won the title of best growth hacking software.

You can use Phantombuster to collect emails from instagram as I mentioned before, but it also has several other secret powers. My personal favourite for outreach is the auto commenter.

This can be used super effectively after you have sent emails or direct messages to your influencer. Automating simple comments like this one work magic for response rates.

you can create automated comments on instagram

My favourite thing about Phantom buster is how easy it is to set up and the millions of automations that can be built with it. There is one key drawback you should avoid, though.

When setting up automations like auto-commenting, Phantom Buster is piggybacking off your account. They warn you numerous times about this, and it’s easy to avoid any punishments from Instagram.

So when using phantom buster for auto-commenting:

  1. Stay well within Phantom busters recommendations about how many comments to leave per hour.
  2. Be aware that it is your account which is commenting in the eyes of instagram and the influencer.
  3. Take breaks. Don’t run the automations continuously for multiple days.

Not big on taking the tech route, want to delegate everything away? Consider virtual assistants for your influencer outreach.

Delegation to virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are the unsung heroes of internet productivity. In fact, Tim Feriss uses them to outsource his life.

If you’re not interested in the technical work of setting up your automations, Virtual assistants can do it for you. Thickific has a great article on how to hire your virtual assistants.

The standout difference between Virtual assistants and technology is that they are a bit more flexible. Your Phantom buster API can’t switch tasks once it’s done and get back to finding influencers with Modash for example. But a Virtual assistant can.

This can be a superpower in your influencer outreach strategy as 1 or two well managed virtual assistants can help you quickly scale up finding influencers, collecting emails and responding to influencers who respond.

Ready to get started with influencer outreach tools?

You can get started finding influencers and gathering information for free.

We hope you enjoy this simple influencer outreach strategy and the influencer outreach tools you can adopt easily. Let us know if we can help you set this up and don’t forget. By the way, you might want to look at this brand ambassador contract template.

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