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Study: Top Polish influencers average engagement rate

The average engagement rate a-crossed all of Instagram is reported to be anywhere from 1.5-4.5%.

This number is a great starting point, but for any professional social media marketers, you know that 2-4% is already a pretty widespread and hard to take action against. That said, engagement is a fantastic benchmark for choosing the right influencers.

In our effort to shed some light on the Polish influencer marketing space, we decided to release some data on the average engagement rate a-crossed top Polish influencer marketers. Note: for the sake of this study we define “top” as “highest number of followers“.

Check any instagram enagement rate

How engaging are Polish influencers?

We analyzed 100 Instagram profiles with a total of just over 9.5 million followers.

On average for each post, the top influencers in Poland receive approximately 55,000 likes and 400 comments.

With the most engaging influencers getting over 100,000 engagements per post and the lowers engaging influencers under a 1000 engagements per post.

What do Polish brands need to look out for?

Check for a healthy engagement rate. In Poland, it seems very possible to choose influencers with engagement rates above 3%.

Healthy doesn’t stop at “above average” though. In some cases, the overly-high engagement rate can be a sign of fraud. As always, we recommend checking influencers for fake followers before putting the effort into recruiting them. Or build it into the process of how you find instagram influencers.

More than anything for most brands, influencers need to convert customers. Unless your company is at the stage where you’re focused on impressions and “positive sentiment” more than money in the bank, converting customers is where it counts.

In order to choose influencers that convert, you need more than just engagement metrics. For reference, nearly 15% of the profiles we analyzed had less than half of their audience in Poland. For top performance, find influencers that engage your target audience directly.

Find influencers that reach customers

Influencers from Poland are doing great in terms of engaging their audience. An average of 5.9% is a force to be reckoned with and is a fine indicator of the Potential found in Polish content creators.


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