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6 ways to stand out with Twitch Marketing. [Examples]

The boom of Twitch marketing is only growing every day. Brands ranging from delivery boxes, comic books, to fast food joints and energy drinks are leveraging marketing on Twitch with huge success.

There are a few interesting places your brand can be present during a Twitch marketing campaign. Unlike other social sites, Twitch is rich in variety. Your brand can appear in so many formats in such a focused way, it opens the door to some highly effective ad placements. 

In this article, we’ll look at the opportunities in Twitch marketing when you sponsor streamers.

Twitch marketing with Chatbots

Twitch chats are extremely active. So much so that Twitch had to introduce limiting tools to maintain the conversation quality. Streamers can limit chatting rights to followers or subscribers. Some opt to set the chat to slow mode.

Streamers often interact with their chat as well, even having conversations while they play a game. They answer questions, ask for advice, talk about pop culture and discuss products and brands. 

This conversation is much like that between friends at dinner. There’s also superfan Moderators maintaining order and driving meaningful discussions.

This leaves a nicely organized, high-quality stream of messages and unlike other sites, it’s a two-way conversation. The perfect place for a Twitch streamer to promote your product.

twitch influencer marketin chat bot ad example

Chatbots work great when advertising on Twitch for a few reasons. They can include links, which make their impact trackable. They give you room to leave short explanatory messages. They are native and don’t interrupt the user’s experience. They’re also repeatable and customizable. All of the characteristics of a great ad.

How to stand out with your Twitch marketing chatbot?

Keep it concise. Short message, strong copy, value-driven call to action.

Instead of:

Wendy’s is an 88-year-old fast food restaurant your great granddad loved growing up. We’re hip and cool, our tweets are great. But you know what’s even better? Our burgers, always fresh, never frozen. Send us a Tweet with #teamburger for a chance to win.

Go with:

If you wanted frozen, you’d chew ice. We don’t freeze our burgers. EVER. Tweet us with #Teamburger to win.

Preferably, be interesting. Consider 2 example messages:

Instead of:

Buy a Dollarshave club razor today. It’s the best razor you’ll ever use. For 50% off, use code #Streamer at checkout.


Only suckers shave with a rusty sword. ⚔️ Get a dollar shave club blade today and save 50% with code #Streamer.

Use multiple custom messages.

When you interact with a streamer, have them set up several different messages. Otherwise, your bot will quickly become stale and users will be blind to its existence.

On stream Twitch marketing with banners.

If there is one place that eyeballs live during a Twitch stream, it’s the stream itself. 

The content of a stream typically includes gameplay (or other content), a face cam and a custom banner designed by the streamer. Occasionally, some chat messages or other interactions will also be displayed on the screen. 

That being said, there’s still room for branding within a neat and tidy Twitch banner overlay. Since this is where the majority of eyeballs will spend most of the time, it works. This is especially true when you couple your Twitch banner  with other examples of Twitch influencer marketing included in this list. 

The problem with branded overlays is that they are not easily measured. You can look at the number of viewers, consecutive viewers, engagements or other metrics. 

But these don’t really tell you much about the impact of your Twitch marketing efforts. That’s why it’s best to couple these overlays with a promo code or another ad placement like a link in chat or banner below.

twitch livestream with highlighted on stream banner ad

In-stream influencer ad reads or product features on Twitch.

Instead of being a layer on top of the stream, what if you were inside of the stream itself? 

Apex Legends, the battle royal game that hoped to fight the powerhouse brands like PUBG and Fortnite reportedly paid streamers up to 1M dollars to play their game live. This is an example of being extremely relevant to the content of the streams. 

The game dominated internet discourse. It was the topic of conversation, the content of the stream and the only thing anyone in the space expected to hear about upon release. 

Redbull, the energy drink powerhouse doing more than 7 billion dollars in yearly revenue also gets in-stream with their Twitch sponsorships. 

This is an example of a giant brand hoping to capitalize on the biggest streamers in the world by having a red bull fridge in the background, a red bull in hand, and a red bull bandana on the streamer. While this is an amazing placement that will get a ton of eyeballs, it is incredibly difficult to measure the value of for most small or medium businesses. Make sure you’re working to measure your influencer marketing ROI.  

top twitch influencer ninja

But while Apex legends and Redbull are both spending huge amounts of ad money on the world’s largest streamers; smaller companies can capitalize more efficiently. Being the earrings on a local streamer as a design boutique or getting a streamer to wear your swag as a startup could mean domination of young audiences in niche markets. 

Measure with chatbots, trackable links in banners and promo codes. Support with in-stream content.

Twitch banners off stream and offline.

twitch influencer marketing banner examples

There are 2 primary places for out of stream banner placement in Twitch influencer marketing. 

The first and most common is directly below the stream. This area typically includes links to the streamers other social channels, top donating viewers, details of who the streamer is or other information about the stream. It also includes sponsored banners. 

These can be completely branded, partially branded with logos and taglines but with the streamers styling, or somewhere in-between. The creative can go anywhere when it comes to this ad placement. The true beauty though; banners are trackable. 

The other popular place for a banner is in the waiting area of a stream. When a streamer isn’t live, a placeholder image typically remains where their stream usually is. This often shows their streaming schedule and some stream info. In my estimation, this could be one of the most valuable places for a promo-code place. 

Let’s assume a streamer is live for 68 hours per week. Of course, this is when the most consecutive viewers will visit. However, for the other 100 hours per week, anyone who visits their channel sees the placeholder screen. 

A small, simple brand logo with a promo code can stand out massively here and be potentially catch millions of eyeballs. Since they have visited a stream that isn’t live, it means at the same moment they see your promo code, they have disposable time to potentially leave twitch and go to your site.

twitch streamers using banners in influencer marketing campaigns

There you have it. Chatbots, Overlays, Banners and more opportunities with Twitch influencer marketing. Twitch holds one of the most engaged concentrations of the elusive 20-30-year-old male audience. It could be the perfect acquisition channel for your company and as a marketer, you might be one of the first to identify it as an opportunity. But first, you’ll have to find Twitch influencers to work with.

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