Using influencer marketing tools to hire developers, probably isn’t what you woke up thinking about today. But you might tomorrow, considering the fact that influencer marketing tools helped Estonia do just that. Here’s the story of how I used the early prototype of Modash’s influencer marketing tool to launch a campaign that is supporting Estonia’s mission of being an influential tech hub hosting the best talent in the world.

Influencer marketing ain’t easy. No WiFi in your AirBNB won’t help. Our current influencer marketing tool hardly existed. I was sitting in a bar at 1 in the morning in Warsaw eating cheap pizza and trying to scrape together a decent looking PDF readout to present to a client.  

They needed 15 influencer recommendations

They needed them from all over the world

They needed them immediately

They knew who to call.

Work in Estonia’s main goal is to bring highly talented individuals to be employed In Estonia. Optimist digital brought them an idea;

What if a trusted group of business and tech influencers shared to their audience that a cutting edge tech hub is hiring?

Apparently, Estonia itself knows the power of influence. So there I am with the bartender looking at me like I’ve lost my mind, preparing influencer profiles based on Modash’s early prototype. Bonus challenge, at the time there was no search function within what is now a proper influencer marketing tool; I had no way of reading the data in real time, I had to download each data set for each influencer I wanted to view.

It was like downloading 1000 restaurant menus in spreadsheet format and trying to decide the best place to eat dinner.

But they wanted to go big, and I was psyched to be working with the people at Optimist and the brand that is Estonia itself. They wanted cross-platform options. They wanted Youtube, Instagram, podcasts and bloggers. I wanted them to win. So I got to work.

Below are a few of the audience profiles I sent to Optimist digital and Work In Estonia. To get these, I used Modash’s filters to nab the influencer’s who had 24-34 year old audiences, interested in Travel, Technology and careers. Then I filtered audiences of the requested countries they are trying to recruit people from. Ukraine, Germany, Russia and Italy.

I ended up with 995,391 results for qualified influencers. Finally I had the opportunity to take a breath of relief. When you’re used to doing things without the appropriate influencer marketing tools (this was one of the first campaigns launched with Modash), you know there is still a-lot of fear to be had at this point.

I had to find influencers that were cross platform, when I only had instagram influencer data to work with. I still had to make sure their audience was real, I was not going to risk giving our client fake influencers and decimate their ROI.

Today, fake followers wouldn’t be a problem. Modash filters out audiences with high numbers of fake followers automatically and the credibility is presented in a really easy to understand format.. but at the time, auto-filtering wasn’t happening.

I got creative with our topic clusters search function and searched for strings like “Subscribe youtube” and “podcasting”, “nomad” and other keywords related to the audience and influencers they explained they were looking for.

Finally, results.

Here’s a Modash data sample from influencers Enterprise Estonia decided to work with through Modash. This is just a few relevant points, the holistic info is even more granular.

Modash's Influencer Marketing Tool Data from gusenica_lo

The beauty of influence is that it isn’t contained  in any one platform. While Modash as an influencer marketing tool focuses on Instagram and Twitch, we took the time to poke around the web and see what was happening beyond those two social media platforms.

Twitter results:

25 Software Developers, User experience Designers, User Interface designers, IOS developers, graphic designers and even the Taxify Co-founder himself shared the campaign.

The conversations happened between people from Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Chile and Sweden and viewed by their followers all over the world.

Influencer marketing tool shared on twitter.

We’ve spoken about the impact of Youtube influencers before. It was exciting to see that our existing influencer marketing tools focused on Instagram and Twitch could be applied to find the perfect Youtuber as well.

Youtube Campaign Results
65,000 Views3500 Likes1271 comments
Ragnar Sass shares influencer marketing tool's campaign

Facebook Influence Bonus Story:

Ragnar Sass has founded Pipedrive, LIFT99 and recently invested in Modash’s Pre-seed funding round.

Little did he know, this Modash campaign had already influenced him! After catching the buzz of Natalie’s tour of Estonia, he promptly shared it on Facebook without realizing the Modash team had anything to do with it. Ragnar’s faith in influence must have been jump started a bit after this and the size of our funding round followed suit.

Another example of a creator the Modash influencer marketing tool found for this campaign.

Digital Nomad audience data from influencer marketing tool Modash.

The digital nomad duo Timo and Sascha have been touring the world with a mic and a mission. To share with their following what it takes to live the life of a digital nomad. While I never learned exactly how many listeners their podcast had after their campaign went live, you can see above why we offered them to Optimist and Enterprise Estonia. Speaking on nomadism and professional life was a perfect fit for relocating professionals to Estonia.

Here is what their following looks like in numbers, outside of instagram:

They have a combined audience of approximately 20,000 digital nomads and podcast listeners on facebook

While we couldn’t find the exact number of listeners their podcast gets on average. It sits at a conservatively estimated 10,000 listeners per episode.

The beauty of influencer marketing tools.

Contrary the struggle I had building this campaign originally, everyone involved was happy with the results, including me. Today an agency or brand like Optimist wouldn’t need to call me, or even break a sweat launching campaign like this. That’s the beauty of a scaled influencer marketing tool.

It took me 45 seconds to find @gusenica_lo, another 5943 influencers like her and have access to the audience profiles of all of them with Modash today. Simulating the entire process of building and launching the campaign took less than 5 minutes.

So next time you see me in a bar, please say hello. I’m not busy.