“Influencer marketing campaigns are NOT a fit for agencies.”

Said a man deeply romantic about billboards while preparing to do a round of layoffs. 

Over the last 5 years, influencer marketing campaigns have gone from considerable to absolutely necessary. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, web interest for influencer marketing grew 325% in 2017. Yet, many advertising agencies and digital marketing companies still aren’t offering influencer marketing as a service to their clients.

When influencer marketing hub surveyed marketers 28% named influencer marketing as their number one customer acquisition tool. This google study shows that 70% of teenage Youtube viewers care more about Youtube Influencers than traditional celebrities.

Here are 4 very simple reasons, marketing agencies should offer influencer marketing to their clients.

Influencer Marketing Focused Agencies Are Crushing It.

Today, entire agencies are being built solely off of the the service of influencer marketing. IMA and Influencer respectively reaching upwards of 100 employees and growing quickly. Someone is paying them, do you know who? The clients of agencies who aren’t willing to add influencer marketing as an offering.

The people at these agencies are young, and they get it, and so do their heavily walleted clients. In an interview with Forbes, Emilie Tabor a co-founder at IMA mentioned how excited their clients are to be actively crushing it with influencer marketing campaigns.

“We’ve started to become part of their natural marketing mix”

As time goes on, more and more of these modernity – focused agencies will be built. As they grow they will begin to offer chatbots, search, content all of the means that are modern to today and they will siphon off more and more of the billings from traditional marketing agencies. All because they had a head start on what attracts eyeballs in the 21st century.

As an existing agency doing digital banners and pre-roll ads for your clients, agencies should think about how much money they’re leaving on the table. Even in my early days with influencer marketing, I sat at tables with clients eager to execute 6 figure campaigns. Don’t succumb to the fear of change, and leave growth, money and new clients flying in the wind.

Influencer Marketing is the Next Wave of Advertising. 

Banner ads and pop-ups not only are they annoying, soon people won’t even see them. A study by E-marketer shows that more than 86 million Americans used an ad-blocker in 2017.

Native advertising is the best way to capture the attention of your target audience, and influencer marketing is the most native of all. Imagine a world where you’re not having an ad buffering while you try to listen to your favourite song. A world where you don’t make a list of brands you will never buy from because their banners fill the screen, making it impossible to read that amazing article.

Advertising with annoyance is moving farther and farther away from effective. While influencer marketing is making some companies 11x higher ROI according to Nielsen.

Influencers are a Marketing Gold Mine.

Heres the secret about influencer marketing everyone seems to be missing. On top of the value of brand awareness, conversions and sentiment, there is a whole world hiding behind the influencer’s door.


Sidenote: Ever wonder how to find instagram influencers?

Marketers today can’t get their hands on enough content. We pay writers and photographers and infographic builders and designers and videographers and we still can’t seem to stay up to date with our social media channels.  Part of the beauty of influencer marketing is the sheer amount of genuine content one influencer can create, essentially free of charge.

Repurposed content can be used on social channels an infinite number of times, exponentially increasing the value of an influencer. One short video of an influencer dancing while making a smoothie could be a viral gif, an instagram post, a clip contributing to a facebook cover video and the premise for a new campaign called “Happy dance”.

Influencers are genius. They know exactly what is relevant to their niche and they know exactly how to deliver it. That is after all why they have audiences. Leveraging their ability to make amazing content is a goldmine for marketers.

Advertising with Influencer Marketing isn’t so difficult anymore.

Influencer marketing once was an expensive, difficult to measure and frankly annoying task. You had to research, outreach, build campaign ideas, communicate excessively with creators, etc etc. Now there is a ton of resources to help you learn the best methods of influencer marketing. 

Your competitors will use this opportunity to earn new clients, offer something exciting to their existing clients and make a ton of cold hard cash. Influencer marketing budgets increase every year. As brands continue to be built almost solely influencer marketing, more will come looking for an agency ready to offer influencer marketing as part of the mix.

How Modash can help agencies.

Modash is an Influencer marketing software solution for advertising agencies and brands. It focuses on allowing advertising and digital agencies the opportunity to provide influencer marketing. To that, we offer a platform to find hundreds of ROI driven influencers, build, execute and measure influencer campaigns. All in one place.