The days of Makery are over. We took the leap into a new company name & identity that better represents us and our values. The idea of changing our name hurt my soul at first. As the CEO, changing the name of our company is like changing the name of my baby.

My mindset changed when I started to realize that I could help unify the team working on this project. We could come together to create something that truly represents us. There were a-lot of problems with the name Makery, but here are the ones that made us decide it was time to change our company’s name.

“Makery, like a bakery?”

Sorry, no chocolate croissants here.

When picking a name for your company, it’s impossible to find the perfect word. One that doesn’t remind someone of their ex-boyfriend or one that doesn’t mean something horrific in latin. This is unavoidable and should often be taken with a grain of salt.

When selecting Makery’s name, we had never thought of the powerful connection it has to robotics and maker culture.

As I said, there are no perfect names. Picking one connected to an irrelevant industry (read: not influencer marketing) wasn’t part of the game plan either. To test this, ask people who don’t know you well what they first think of when they hear “Name”. For us, Makery led to everything from a bakery, to robotics and even arts and crafts. We needed it to land on software solutions, marketing, modernity Etc.

We aren’t a robotics company by the way, we focus solely on digital creator culture and particularly, influencer marketing. We connect brands and agencies with the best digital content creators.

Makery wasn’t named by the people who built it, but we could define Modash. 

Since I founded Modash, It has been clear to me that a strong, unified team was going to be the thing that separated us from the pack. That’s why I had no problem letting people go who were 20 years more experienced, when they didn’t share our values.

A name might not have a-lot to do with the most important parts of company culture. But in the beginning stages, it matters a-lot. I have filtered over 15 people in and out at Modash very very quickly. Thats a-lot of turnover for an early stage startup, and people need to know who they are fighting for.

When things started to settle I knew I had a team I was proud of and who could truly execute this idea. Except we had a name that had been built without them. We needed to come together to collaborate and figure out who we are.

After a strong branding session, based on The Futur’s CORE methodology. We realized that at Modash, we are a little weird. Our brand is dynamic. We switch between influencer and head honcho businessman mentality on a daily basis. We like to be quirky and cookie cutter methodology doesn’t work for us. Our goal here, is to shift the digital creator culture in order to give power back to creators and build relationships with the brands who make it possible.

Going through the process of discovering all of this brought the team together, the re-name is a documentation of that milestone.

Change comes with change.

The same mission remains: Build a company full of people that online creators think of as family. To empower the world to share more. The team has matured, aligned and grown. The strategy has become clearer and deeper.

We haven’t pivoted, but we have changed for the better. Which means we need to honour that growth with an identity and brand that is unified with it.

So, our new name had to unify us as well.

The definition of Modash.

Modash is a derivative of Modish: Trendsetter, contemporary, current.

Dash as in a dashboard, for managing your inspired influencer marketing campaigns or for finding your next sponsored project if you’re a creator looking to connect with brands.

Other associations like moda, meaning fashion, trend, style, or “in vogue” tell you we have a name that will help you connect with trendsetters and become one yourself.

A New Beginning

We are a company that is fundamentally made possible by the digital creator culture. Being connected to those trendsetters and who shape not only online culture but culture globally, is very important to us. We work to empower those very people.

This change is in celebration of Modash’s inner unity. Modash and the millions of people around the world writing, speaking, drawing, analyzing and telling the stories of today that shape tomorrow. We may call you influencers because that’s what our clients know you as, but we think of you as heroes. Those few people in the world who have the strength to make their passions public and share their ideas with the world despite its judgements matter deeply to us.

While we are still developing our offerings, contact us and ask us how we can help you. Our exclusive beta test is coming soon, sign up now.