Modash vs Captiv8

Captiv8 offers influencer agency services and basic analytics.

Modash gives you the tools you need to bring influencer marketing in house. Stop paying crazy agency fees.

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Why Modash is a better choice than Captiv8

Modash gives in depth influencer insights

Check follower location, age, gender, credibility and far more with Modash.

Captiv8 gives basic analytics you can just retrieve from the analytics tab in instagram.

Modash gives you access to every influencer

Captiv8 only offers influencers so big that they have agency representation. These creators are limited in effectiveness and require a lot of extra work to secure. 

Modash shows you exactly which influencer (micro and macro) that speak to your target audience.

Modash works hard for every customer

Captiv8 is an agency service. They provide a lot of support to their biggest customers. 

Modash’s tool helps you bring influencer marketing in house and we support every single customer. 

Is Modash right for you?

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