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Senior Software Engineer

Remote | Tallinn, Estonia

We look for greatness.

Your team is committed to building great things.

You’ll do things you’ve never done before. You’ll have transparency you’ve never had before. You’ll move faster and question everything in ways you have not experienced before. You’ll get feedback that keeps you pushing toward the best version of yourself. You'll learn you're more powerful than you thought.

Stack agnostic. Builders required.

  • We like to build in Node, Typescript and Vue on AWS. Familiarity with these helps.
  • Degrees are good. Consistent pattern of building interesting and challenging things is much better.
  • This team was born to create. Solar cars, blockchains, backpacks, blogs, and businesses. They’ve done odd, unusual, and difficult things. Life isn’t happening to them, they’re building it.
  • This team is for builders. People who have the passion to take obscure concepts and craft them into tangible customer value. You’ll work with people who reason, ruthlessly prioritize and execute at every step of the product lifecycle. People that take ownership for the success of themselves, their teams, their organization, their company and above all - their customer.

Why you should apply.

  • You will help every independent creator earn a living.
  • You will be one of the first 10 engineers at Modash and will create lasting impact.
  • You will contribute to the team setting the standard of ethical data collection.
  • You will support the growth of the next iconic consumer companies.
  • You will find the best version of yourself.
  • You will work with people from all walks of life, from all over the world.  


Why us?

Our mission is to help every creator earn a living.

Independent content creators make the world a better place. They represent free speech and independent thinking in ways that aren’t possible for traditional, monolithic media organisations. The more distributed and nuanced ideas are, the more effectively we learn, make decisions and avoid evil as a society. If you believe that decentralised media is a good thing, you believe in independent creator-ship.

We wanna grow our revenue from 1 mil to 10 mils and then to the moon 🦄. Wanna help us achieve that?
Modash team picture where people hold their hands up, from the company's summer days in 2021.
Three Modash employees walking on a hiking trail with their backs facing the camera. From the company's summer days in 2020.
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