Looking for an Influencer list?

Find, build and export any influencer list in Modash. Modash is the best tool for list management and finding influencers. 

We list 100,000,000 influencers so you don’t have to look for small lists any more. 


Micro, Macro and everything in between. We have an influencer list for you.

We’ve listed millions of influencers, easily searchable with simple filters. Once you find influencers perfect for your campaign, save them to lists and export at the click of a button.

Alternatively, import the influencer’s you’re already working with and get deep insights into their audience, analytics and more. 

Insights, delivered.

Get instant insights into your lists of influencer by viewing reports on their audience and analytics. 

Demographic and performance data on every single instagrammer, at the click of a button.

Organize by industry, audience, follower range and much more.

With this comprehensive influencer list, you can quickly organize and search to find the influencers best suited for your company. 

Whether you need fashion influencers, sports celebrities, gaming ambassadors or something in the middle, find them easily in Modash.

Works great with your tools.

For outreach, verification and more, exporting your lists works with all your favourite tools.

Our favourite? Export lists of influencer contact details to use in tools like Woodpecker to take make your outreach lightning fast and easier than ever. 

Modash influencer outreach tools

Built for performance marketers.

Modash has built a lightning fast, comprehensive list of influencers for performance-oriented marketers to build world class campaigns easier than ever. That starts with selecting lists of influencers that speak to your audience.