How to find Social media influencers.

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How can I find social media influencers?

With Modash it’s easy. Just input your target audience and you’ll immediately get results showing you influencers.

Currently, you can find over 50,000,000 instagram influencers, all Twitch influencers and more.

We also show you in depth data about each influencer’s audience.

How to find Micro influencers?

Use the follower filters in Modash, combined with the location filter to find social media micro influencers anywhere in the world.

For example, we can choose a city like New York City and set the follower filter to 5000-15000 followers and Modash will show us all the influencers

Want to find social media influencers?

You can try Modash for free and start searching now.

Within minutes you’ll have found influencers that speak to your target audience.

Wondering how to find social media influencers in your area?

The answer is simple. Pick your local city in Modash and find influencers that are located there.

You can also see if their audiences are in your local area with understandable data.

Great for local or targeted campaigns.

Need to find social media influencers with a certain topic?

Interest filters help you identify the social media mavens in a certain topic or niche.

If you find someone you’d love to work with, you can search for lookalikes easily as well. It’s like cloning your favourite creators .

“ Knowing how to find social media influencers is at the beginning the of any good influencer marketing effort. Having quality data on the right people is key to making good decisions for your brand.

You must know why you’re working with someone. 

Avery Schrader

Modash Co-founder

You just learned how to find influencers.

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