Modash is the best Hypeauditor alternative

Hypeauditor is hip and cool. 

Modash is fast, accurate and built for marketers who expect results.

We meet high expectations

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Why Modash is the top alternative to Hypeauditor

Modash's data is 20% more accurate

Modash users often compare Hypeauditor against us for accuracy.

Because Hypeauditor collects a small sample of the data and then “estimates” the rest, it’s less accurate. Bad data makes for bad decision making.

Modash has 90 million more influencers

Hypeauditor claims 7M profiles in their influencer discovery. Modash lists over 100M profiles, that’s almost every influencer on instagram and Twitch. 

Would you use Google if it only had half the results? 

Modash works hard for every customer

Hypeauditor has a very big helpdesk. Our customers love how much we care. Access to the founders for direct support, free consultation calls and flexible pricing models make us the perfect long term partner.

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