Modash is a better alternative to ifluenz

Ifluenz is a marketplace for connecting a few influencers and brands. 

Modash lists every influencer in the world with audience data on every single one.

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Why is Modash the top alternative to ifluenz?

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Marketplaces like ifluenz tend to attract low quality talent and don’t have enough data on any of their influencers. 

Modash lists every influencer in the world with thorough audience demographic data. This way you can always find the influencers who speak to your target audience. 

Modash has millions more influencers

Ifluenz claims to have 20,000 influencers. Modash has 100,000,000.

Using Ifluenz you might never find an influencer that suits your brand.

Modash works hard for every customer

Our customers love how much we care. Access to the founders for direct support, free consultation calls and flexible pricing models make us the perfect long term partner.

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