Influencer Analytics

Use Influencer Analytics to make the decision on which influencers are right for your brand. 

Engagement rate, Follower growth, audience demographics, paid post performance and  more. 

Influencer analytics to up your marketing game.

If you’re responsible for growth, you can’t mess around. Building a marketing machine requires insights into your channels, including influencers. These analytics will allow you to make the right choices for your company, and grow like crazy. 

Checks like fake followers are important for making a “not bad” decision. Follower growth, audience analytics and paid post performance are the kind of metrics that get your influencer marketing from “not bad” to “holy smokes, it’s working”.

Analytics on 100,000,000 influencers

We have your influencers analytics. We show insights on nearly every influencer in the world. If you have influencers, you can import their usernames to quickly get insights into their performance, details about their audience and facts about their growth. 

If you don’t have influencers yet, you can find the best ones for your brand in our simple search engine. 

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