Modash vs InfluencerDB

InfluencerDB is cumbersome and clunky. Plus, who wants to do a demo to try simple tool? 

Modash is reliable, fast and doesn’t hide behind a in-person demo. 

We expect high expectations

That’s why we work so hard meet and exceed them.

Modash Ratings

InfluencerDB Ratings

What makes Modash the top alternative to InfluencerDB?

Modash's data is far more accurate

Modash’s influencer database is (ironically) 20% more accurate than the next best platform.

Because InfluencerDB must make big estimations, it ends up less accurate, slower and frustrating to use. Modash just works. 

Modash is global and lists every influencer in the world.

InfluencerDB’s main market is Germany, but what if you need to expand your borders. Will you choose a new product all over again?

Modash lists every influencer in the world, with the most robust audience data on Youtube, Instagram and Twitch. We keep up with you as you grow.

Modash is focused on building the tools our customers need.

InfluencerDB offers agency services alongside their tool. That means a disproportionate amount of their attention goes to customers who pay for their agency service.

Modash is focused on building amazing relationships with every customer and building the tools they need to win big with influencers, on their own. 

Is Modash right for you?

If you’re not convinced, there’s one way to find out.