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Modash is a powerful tool for finding Instagrammers around the world

Find them, verify their audiences and understand their metrics.

How many instagrammers do you have?

We have over 50,000,000 instagram accounts. These include celebrities and micro influencers.

The ones we list are all over the world and might be open to sponsorships from brands.

You can use Modash to identify new influencers to work with, or just to check an instagram account.

How do Instagrammers make money?

They make money mostly when brands sponsor them.

Brands can reach hundreds or millions of customers by sponsoring popular instagram accounts. The problem is that they are hard to find and understand.

With our tool, it becomes much easier to find them and understand their audiences.


We got em.

Want to see the top instagrammers in your country, or find instagram influencers to sponsor?

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How much money do instagrammers make?

It depends on the region they are in, the size of their following and other factors like niche.

A huge cellebrity like Kim Kardashian can demand hundreds of thousands of dollars, while small instagram accounts might accept sponsorship in return for free products.

How do instagrammers get so many followers?

Usually they have a keen understanding of how to entertain an audience  and consistently make interesting content over a long period of time. Often they post for years before they gain any substantial audience.

For small instagram creators, it’s hard to get discovered by brands. That’s why we built Modash, to help creators get discovered, and paid.

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“ Right now, if you’re not sponsoring instagrammers and you’re a B2C company, you’re behind. You’re missing the golden opportunity and it won’t last forever.

Micro-influencers especially are showing huge return for brands.

Avery Schrader

Modash Co-founder

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