Stop spending extra on agency services is an agency, not a best-in-class tool.

Modash is the choice for marketers who want influencer marketing results without relying on someone else’s team. 

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Why Modash is preferred over

More influencers and better data

Modash lists every influencer in the world, with 20% more accurate data. So you always make the right decisions for your company, no matter the situation. 

Because must invite influencers to their platform, you’re stuck with who they can get to sign up. 

Modash is best-in-class tries to do everything. 

Modash tries to do a few things better than anyone in the world. Find influencers, analyse audiences and make the best decision for your brand.

Modash is not an agency is focused on their agency clients, not their every day platform users. That means whoever spends the most, get’s the most attention. 

At Modash, every user can expect in-person calls, advice and 24/7 support to bring influencer marketing in house and do it right. 

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