Modash's influencer tool is better than Klear

Klear is 10 years old and has a bunch of extra features. 

Modash is new, fast and built with performance in mind.

We excede expectations

That’s why users around the web rate us 5 stars.

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How does Modash top Klear?

Modash's data is more important

Klear tells you engagement rate, audience interest groups and a few other stats.  

Modash tells you every detail about every influencer’s audience, so you can make the right decision with data that matters. Find influencers by audience location, age, gender and more. 

Modash does a few things better than anyone

Klear tries to do everything and has a whole lot of buttons.

We do a few things, extremely well. More robust, accurate data on every influencer on Instagram, Youtube and Twitch. 

We work extremely hard for every customer

Klear is part of a very big company with 1600 employees. Klear isn’t even their main product.

Modash puts time and effort into every single customer and works hard to make sure you have a business-changing experience.

Is Modash right for you?

If you’re not convinced, there’s one way to find out.