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Find influencers on Instagram and Twitch. Modash is a tool for perfomance-focused teams to find influencers, understand their followers and export data.

Modash influencer search

Find Instagram influencers

Find influencers for your next campaign in minutes. Modash reveals insights you need to make next influencer marketing campaign a success. Over 50,000,000 influencers, globally.

Find Twitch Influencers

Cut through the noise. Find Twitch influencers in your niche, lightning-fast. We list all Twitch streamers who have more than 20,000 views, all over the world.

Twitch influencer analytics on Modash platform

Get Contact details

Influencer outreach is more straightforward than ever with Modash, where you can export contact details for influencers. Use these in your favourite email outreach tool.

Fake follower check

See how real any influencer’s audience is and save yourself from the risk of fraud. Other brands burn millions of dollars on fake influencers, not our users.

Follower credibility check on Modash.

API and integrations

Use Modash to power your app or internal tools. Get the data you need, wherever you need it, on-demand with our API and integrations.

Get api and developer access for influencer data with Modash.

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What you get:

🗸 Find Instagram and Twitch influencers

🗸 3 Results for influencer discovery

🗸 Sort search results based on your priorities

🗸 Build influencer lists

35 credits

0.82$ / credit
  • Just getting started with influencers

250 credits

0.66$ / credit
  • Taking control with deeper data
Save 20%

1000 credits

0.49$ / credit
  • Working with influencers at scale
Save 40%

What you get with credits:

🗸 Find Instagram and Twitch influencer

🗸 All results for influencer discovery

🗸 Sort search results based on your priorities

🗸 Build influencer lists

🗸 CSV Export of your influencer lists

🗸 Get influencers audience data

🗸 Influencers’ full report

🗸 Download influencers’ full reports

Three actions you take in the platform cost credits.

1. Searching.

Modash is a search engine for finding influencers. When you do a search, we charge you 0.1 credits per result.

If you have seen a search result within the last 14 days it is saved. You will not be charged for seeing that result again for 14 days.

2. Viewing a profile summary

When you click on an influencer, you open a summary of insights. This shows the age and location of the audience, for example. Viewing this summary costs 1 credit.

If you have viewed that summary in the last 14 days, you are not charged.

3. Viewing a full report of an influencer’s audience.

When you click the button that says “view full report”, you will see an easily understood list of insights into the influencer and their audience. Hundreds of data points are here. Viewing or exporting this costs 1 credit.

If you have viewed a full report or exported data in the last 14 days, you are not charged if you do so again.

Yes. Sign-up quickly and securely to start using the platform.

Yes, credits expire after 8 months. We’ll warn you 3 times before that happens.

Yes. Contact us for Whitelabel, API and other big projects.

Absolutely. We love to get your feedback and help anyway we can. Email the founders directly here. Schedule a call with the CEO here

Or, contact the team via the chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of your screen here for a quick fix.

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