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Why make a free instagram influencer search tool?

All the products we love the most give you the chance to try for free. We’re very confident you’ll love Modash. That’s why we make it free.

When you’re ready to upgrade and do more serious searching, you can upgrade for a small price.

What makes it better than other instagram influencer search tools?

50,000,000 accounts and the most comprehensive data in the world.

Most platforms try to trick you into using vanity metrics to make decisions. We tell you everything you want to know about influencers and most importantly, their audience.

Age, gender, location, credibility all in one place.

“ Influencer search tools are a dime a dozen. But with Modash, you finally get what you want.

You find people that speak to your target audience and you know everything about them. Instantly, globally. It’s just the best way. 

Avery Schrader

Modash Co-founder

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