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Neoreach does it all (kinda).

Modash does what matters.

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Why do marketers prefer Modash to Neoreach?

Modash's data is 20% more accurate

Modash users often compare Neoreach’s data against us for accuracy.

Fortunately for us, Modash is 20% more accurate and comes out on top. Because Neoreach is building many things, it’s probably hard to build one thing very well.

Modash has 90 million more influencers

Hypeauditor says they have 5M profiles in their influencer discovery. That’s not even 1/10th of Modash’s database.

With so few results, how do you know you’re getting what’s right for your brand? 

Modash treats every customer like the most important customer

Neoreach is an agency with some influencer tech.

 Modash is a company focused on building influencer marketing tools that help all of our customers get to the next stage. 

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