Scrunch users end up with Modash

Scrunch is a great agency.

Modash is built to help you bring influencer marketing in-house and hit your KPIs without relying on someone else’s team. 

We love high expectations

We aren’t just building another influencer tool. We’re building the tool marketers love the most.

Reviews of Modash

Reviews of Scrunch

What makes Modash a better choice than Scrunch?

Modash lists every influencer in the world

Scrunch relies on influencers signing up. This makes it impossible for them to reach every single influencer.

Modash lists every influencer in the world with more audience demographic data than any tool out there.

Modash has more influencer checks

With more influencer profiles and more follower data Modash has the winning combo for high accuracy. 

Modash users have found that our data is 20% more accurate than the next best thing. Not to mention, it works glovally.

A world class tool vs an expensive agency.

Modash is building a world class influencer discovery and analytics tool. We don’t just cure symptoms by running an agency, we help brands bring influencer marketing in house. 

Scrunch is an agency. That leaves their time spent on the customers who keep their lights on, not building a great tool.

Is Modash the right tool for you?

There’s one way to find out.