Influencer marketing for Startups

Gear your influencer marketing efforts for growth. Modash is offering hefty a discount and free coaching to B2C startups getting started with influencer marketing. 

3 Months free Modash. Bi-weekly calls. Startup support.

You qualify for startup perks and pricing if

  • Your company is B2C
  • You have less than 15 employees
  • Your company is less than 2 years old
  • You have less than $250,000 in funding
Kaarel Kotkas founder of Veriff with Avery

Influencer marketing startup support.

Bi-weekly coaching calls, startup-centric support and co-marketing opportunities are just a few of the perks of our new startup program.

We’ll take you from your first steps of influencer marketing to a performance set-up that will have you growing faster than ever.

Modash Team photo

Startups are hard. We get it.

Modash itself is a startup. We’ve worked with world class companies like leading ride-hailing app Bolt and Ycombinator backed Veriff.

One Co-founder is a mentor for our regions top startup accelerator and Modash is an active member of the Startup Ecosystem in Estonia, the land of Unicorns. We can help.


Includes startup perks
$ 1 Per month, for 3 months.
  • 200 Searches
  • 50 Profile summaries
  • 50 CSV profile exports
  • Contact details


Just trying it out.
$ 0
  • A limited sample of Modash features.
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