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Upfluence is big and cumbersome. 

Modash is fast, agile and built for marketers who care about numbers.

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Why Modash is the top alternative to Hypeauditor

Modash's data is 20% more accurate

Upfluence isn’t focused on technology, so their data isn’t as accurate.

Comparing our data vs theirs, you’ll find approximately %20 more accurate data with Modash. 

Modash has 90 million more influencers

Upfluence boasts 3M profiles in their influencer discovery tool. Modash lists over 100M profiles, that’s almost every influencer on instagram and Twitch. 

Would you trust Google if it only had half the results? 

Modash is not an agency

We won’t try and sell you expensive services. We won’t brush you off if you can’t pay a huge setup fee (we don’t even charge one). 

We focus on building amazing relationships with our customers and world-class tech. No more agencies required. 

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