Engagement rate calculator

ER is a great start to benchmark the influencers you work with. 

Modash offers an engagement rate calculator and other influencer marketing tools.


How to calculate engagement rate?

Take the average likes and comments (engagements) per post, and divide by the number of followers. This is an easy calculation, but can be annoying to do repeatedly. You can use an engagement rate calculator to quickly get ER for any instagram profile.

Instagram hiding likes makes calculating engagement rate harder than ever.

Instagram’s new experiment to remove likes is rolling out across the world. 

What first started as an experiment in Canada and Australia is now going to impact every single marketer using instagram influencers.

Engagement rate from a professionals perspective.

Our friend Siim works at Google. In his free time, he runs an influencer marketing consultancy called Brandhero. 

Modash does more than just calculate engagement rate

Not only does Modash calculate engagement rate, but measures every important metric for influencer marketing.