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Capture posts and stories, get unique insights and alerts for your influencer marketing campaigns

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Collect a goldmine of content

Stories disappear in 24 hours. Screenshotting posts at scale is impossible.

But that content is a wealth of knowledge that allows you to optimize your campaigns over time. Use it for reporting to clients or repurpose into other marketing materials.

Modash will collect and manage all content for you and never miss a piece.

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An illustrative image of the alerts about posted content mistakes

Avoid million dollar fines

Influencer marketing legislation is changing globally and influencers make mistakes with branded content.

We stay on top of it so you don’t have to. If an influencer misses a critical #hashtag, @mention, keyword or paid post disclosure - we’ll make sure you’re the first one to know.

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Track your influencer campaign progress & performance

On a per-influencer and campaign level you need to know what's happening at all times.

Our straightforward tracking features keep track of likes, comments, number of posts, and other performance indicators of your influencers.

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Influencer campaign tracking like no other

Because Modash is also #1 tool for influencer data analysis and discovery, we have insights and recommendations no other platform can offer

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