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Influencer Campaign Monitoring Platform

Capture posts and stories, get unique insights and alerts for your influencer marketing campaigns

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Collect influencer content, even at scale

Modash automatically collects every influencer post, and saves it to a dashboard. Even stories. Access all your content in one place to see what works best, and for reporting or repurposing.

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Track without asking influencers to authenticate

Select the influencers you want to track. Specify hashtags, mentions, or tags, and Modash collects their relevant posts. Creators keep forgetting to add the right hashtags? No worries – use keyword tracking to collect content based on caption text.

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Get alerts when ad disclosures are missing

Influencer marketing legislation is changing globally and influencers make mistakes with branded content.

Modash stays on top of it so you don’t have to. If an influencer misses a critical #hashtag, @mention, keyword or paid post disclosure - you'll be the first one to know.

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Coming soon: Shopify integration

Connect your Shopify store to get revenue data directly inside Modash. Use promo code redemptions to track number of conversions, conversion value, and ROI per collab.

Coming in Q3 2023. Leave your email to get notified when it launches!

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Track your influencer campaign progress & performance

On a per-influencer and campaign level you need to know what's happening at all times.

Our straightforward tracking features keep track of likes, comments, number of posts, and other performance indicators of your influencers.

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Influencer campaign tracking like no other

Because Modash is also #1 tool for influencer data analysis and discovery, we have insights and recommendations no other platform can offer

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