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Understand & analyze influencers before contacting them

Access the data you need to make the right decisions about your influencer partnerships


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Reach potential customers every time

Instead of guessing if your influencers are reaching potential customers, know with certainty in 3 clicks.

Modash will give you all the data you need to make decisions about which partners are the right partners.

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Grow faster & more efficiently

Use the most accurate influencer analytics to optimize your influencer campaigns.

High growth comes from experiments, experiments are built on data.

Modash gets you the data you need to experiment and focus on the decisions that improve performance

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Audit influencers & move with confidence

Always catch fake followers. Always reach your target audience. Hit your KPIs every single time.

Modash’s data will give you the confidence you need to make bold moves and outpace your competition.

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We tested Modash against other platforms, and Modash looks much more accurate when it comes to audience data.

Mykhailo Kudla
Global Marketing Partnerships Lead at Bolt

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