A better inbox for influencer marketing

Get all the context you need in one tab, and manage back-and-forth with influencers more easily.

(While using Gmail. Not another new inbox to deal with.)

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All the context you need in one tab

Which social profiles is this email related to? Have we spoken to this creator in the past? Where can I find their audience & performance data? Get everything you need to reply on one screen.

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A focused influencer-only inbox

In two clicks, hide every email thread that isn't associated with an influencer. Get a focused, cleaner inbox to do your influencer communications. Without the irrelevant clutter.

Use it for ongoing conversations, AND
new influencer outreach

Modash has a discovery tool to help you find and review new influencers. Once you've made a shortlist, you can also use Modash to find contact emails, and start reaching out. All within the same tool.

Improve your workflow, without
adding another inbox to manage

Influencer marketers may well be the last people on the planet who need another inbox to manage. Modash simply integrates with Gmail, and it has a two-way sync. Anything you do in Modash will be reflected in Gmail, and vice-versa.

Ramp up your influencer marketing channel with Modash

14-day free trial・No credit card required