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Ditch the spreadsheets, and keep track of your influencer discovery, analysis, outreach, and other workflows inside Modash.

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Use Lists to organize your influencer relationships

Shortlist influencers who match your criteria, and collaborate with your team. Share notes, and track your progress. Export influencer contact details or kick off campaigns with your chosen partners in just a few clicks.

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Never lose track of your recruitment pipeline again

Manage your influencer hiring & outreach pipeline by assigning a status to each creator in your List, such as 'Outreached', 'Hired', or 'Rejected'. Never miss a follow-up, let talent slip through the cracks, or waste time reaching out to someone you (or your team) already declined in the past.

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Create labels to group influencers

Create custom tags to quickly find anyone who has particular traits or audiences within your Lists. For example, 'vegan', 'student', 'UK', 'Berlin', or anything else that helps you get organized.

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An illustrative image of the alerts about posted content mistakes

Add notes for important details

The more creators you're working with, the harder it is to keep track of things. Use the 'Notes' field for anything you deem important. Prices mentioned, the type of collaboration (e.g. volume, frequency, format) kick off dates, or anything else.

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A simple but powerful influencer management tool

Modash brings your influencer discovery, analytics, monitoring, and management together. Everything your team needs to scale profitable influencer marketing campaigns.

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