TikTok Influencer Database: 128M+ TikTokers

A searchable database of every influencer on TikTok with in-depth audience data & insights

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Unmatched scale: filter every TikTok influencer

Modash's database of TikTok influencers ensures you'll never run out of partners to work with as you scale your TikTok ambassador program.

Use our TikTok influencer search tool to filter audience interests, engagement, demographics, growth rate & more to find the perfect influencers for your brand.

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Used by B2C e-commerce & SaaS companies to find TikTok creators

Marketers at the fastest growing companies in the world use Modash to find TikTok influencers & power hyper-growth with ambassador programs.

Solo E-commerce shop owners use Modash to get their first customers.

Developers building tools that need influencer data use our API to give their customers access to the most thorough database in the world.

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Search, analyze, monitor TikTok influencer profiles

Avoid fake followers, find influencers globally and monitor your TikTok campaigns with Modash.

Input a search, get a list of TikTok influencers who speak to your audience and analyze their audience demographics.

We help fast growing brands build high-performing ambassador programs all over the world.

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Reliable API

When you're building on Modash, you're building on a reliable influencer marketing API that's back up by a team ready to help you at a moments notice.We power some of the top influencer tools in the world.

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Modash's founder on stage interviewing with Kipwise founder

Most databases are lying to their customers. That’s why we built an influencer database with accurate data on every influencer in the world. Brands deserve better, influencers deserve better.

Avery Schrader
CEO and Founder of Modash

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