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Median Engagement Rate on Instagram
Median Engagement Rate
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What is a good Instagram influencer engagement rate?

Checking engagement rates isn’t useful unless you have benchmarks to compare against. Using data from 72M+ influencer profiles in our database, we’ve put together some benchmarks.
Instagram Engagement Rate Benchmarks
1k-5k 5k-10k 10k-50k 50k-100k 100k-500k 500k-1 million Over 1 million
High > 7.97% > 3.54% > 2.61% > 2.47% > 2.63% > 2.46% > 2.6%
Above average 4.42 - 7.97% 1.62 - 3.54% 1.11 - 2.61% 1.01 - 2.47% 1.14 - 2.63% 1.13 - 1.46% 1.27 - 2.6%
Average 3.38 - 4.42% 1.25 - 1.62% 0.84 - 1.11% 0.75 - 1.01% 0.87 - 1.14% 0.88 - 1.13% 1.02 - 1.27%
Below Average 1.72 - 3.38% 0.62 - 1.25% 0.39 - 0.84% 0.32 - 0.75% 0.41 - 0.87% 0.46 - 0.88% 0.57 - 1.02%
Low < 1.72% < 0.62% < 0.39% < 0.32% < 0.41% < 0.46% < 0.57%

How to check influencer engagement rate

To determine an influencer's engagement rate, take the median number of engagements (likes + comments etc.) across all the influencer's posts on a particular profile, divide by the total number of followers, then multiply by 100.

Using this formula, you'll be able to view the total overall engagements for an influencer's profile.

Modash uses the most recent 30 influencer posts to calculate engagement rate.
Average Organic Engagement Rate
Platform Engagement Rate Example

Instagram hiding likes makes calculating engagement rate harder than ever

Instagram’s new experiment to remove likes is rolling out across the world.

What first started as an experiment in Canada and Australia is now going to impact every single marketer using instagram influencers.

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Engagement varies per niche & platform

Remember to compare apples to apples. What constitutes a good engagement rate for an interior designer on Instagram might be completely different to that of an engineering YouTube channel.

To properly evaluate engagement rate, we recommend not only using our benchmarks above, but also comparing influencers to similar creators in the space. One method of finding similar creators is to use our influencer lookalike tool.

Follower count affects engagement rate

Average engagement rate gradually drops as an influencer's follower count grows.

This was true anecdotally based on influencers we & our users have worked with, and it has since been backed up by various studies, including our own benchmarks.

Smaller creators with <10k followers tend to have the highest engagement rates. While macro influencers or celebrities achieve a lot more reach, the engagement rate inevitably slows down.

A good engagement rate alone isn't enough

Checking engagement rate is a great start for auditing a potential partner, but it isn’t bulletproof on its own. You should also be thinking about things like:

'To properly evaluate engagement rate, we recommend not only using our benchmarks above, but also comparing influencers to similar creators in the space. One method of finding similar creators is to use our influencer lookalike tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is influencer engagement rate?

Influencer engagement rate is a metric that reflects how often a creator's viewers interact with their content. A higher engagement rate is desirable because it shows that the creator's audience is interested in their posts.

How do you calculate engagement rate?

Engagement rate is calculated by using this formula:

Average Organic Engagement Rate (%) = Total Engagement / Total number of followers x 100.

You can apply the formula to a single post, or to view an overall average for a profile.s

What is a high engagement rate?

Engagement rate benchmarks vary based on a lot of factors. The biggest factors are the channel, the follower count, and the niche. At a broad level,

  • 0.73%-2.5% is considered standard,
  • 2.5%-4.4% is considered good,
  • 4.4% and anything above would be exceptional.

You should compare influencer engagement rates against similar creators (similar in terms of follower count, and audience) where possible, instead of using generalized benchmarks.

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