fake follower check.

Influencer marketing can’t be transparent unless there is reliable way to check fake followers.

Luckily, there is.


Why is doing a fake follower check important?

Occasionally, influencer’s aren’t so influential at all. Often they inflate their potential reach with fake followers.

With those extra fake followers, they raise their prices and brands pay more.

Maybe even worse, they waste precious time and interrupt the efforts of people trying to get their job done well.

That’s you.

How does Modash check for fake followers?

Network graph analysis.

In human language, that means we look at tens of millions of profiles in different networks and compare them using complex tech.

Does the behaviour of this individual seem to be the same as the rest of the network, or similar networks? If not, fake follower.

So if you could check anyone, what percentage of their audience would be fake?

“Fake followers plague influencer campaigns. The saddest part is, brands don’t always understand the damage until it’s too late.

They waste precious time recruiting influencers, onboarding them, collaborating with them, only to find out their following is fake. It could mean weeks or months and a lot of money.” – Avery Schrader, Founder @ Modash

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How many accounts have fake followers?

All of them.

Instagram is plagued with hundreds of millions of fake profiles. More and more are joining every day.

Everyone, even you and I, have fake followers. But only a few, around 10-15% of our followers.

Many influencers however, have as many as 80% fake followers.

Modash does more than just check fake followers.

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