Modash Influencer Marketing Academy

Here, you'll learn everything you need to run effective influencer campaigns. From finding the perfect partners, to reaching out & negotiating deals, to managing relationships at scale (without hiring a huge team) and more. Jump in and get started!

Lesson 1

The strategy

The foundations of this series. A 4-minute overview of what we'll cover in these 7 videos including setting goals, finding partners, reaching out, tracking success, and more. Start here.
Lesson 2

Setting Goals

Not setting goals is one of the top mistakes when starting out in influencer marketing. What does success look like for you? For example, how many customers do you need to convert from this channel? Here's some thoughts on how you can approach this.
Lesson 3

Preparing for Launch

Having a game plan & a process in place ready to launch is critical. In this video, you'll learn what you need to be thinking about (e.g. how to compensate creators), and how to maximize your chances of success using smaller-scale tests.
Lesson 4

Choosing the right Partners

Learn how to find your first influencer partners that can perfectly reach your target audience. We look at quantitative factors (which metrics are important, what audience sizes to start with) as well as qualitative factors, for example value alignment & content quality.
Lesson 5


It's time to start contacting influencers. This video will help you put on your sales hat, persevere, and negotiate great deals for your brand. It covers advice on reaching out to creators, following up, and scaling.
Lesson 6

Relationship Management

The more influencers you recruit, the more time it can take up to manage day-to-day communication & relationship management with creators. In this video, you'll learn how to manage this effectively, without the need to hire a huge team.
Lesson 7

Measuring Success and Optimizing

It's all about return on investment. Learn how can you attribute sales & other metrics to your influencer marketing channel using different techniques like promo codes, trackable links, and more.

And no, Avery still hasn't changed his shirt.
Lesson 1

Running Your First Search: Setting Up For Success With Modash

New to using Modash to search for influencers? Start here. Learn about the two most important filters, and how to apply them effectively so that your search isn't too broad, or too narrow.
Lesson 2

Introduction To Using Modash Search Filters Effectively

Modash lists 200M+ creators, which means the perfect partner for your brand is in our database. You just need to know how to find them. Learn about all of the most common filtering options, and how to apply them.
Lesson 3

Modash Search Filters Continued: 6 Expert Tips For Finding Influencers

Ready to go beyond the basics? Here's 6 super quick tips to step up your game. Learn about how exactly the search filters work, and how you can layer & combine them to get the best possible results.
Lesson 4

Replicate Your Success By Finding Lookalikes In Modash

Ever wished you could clone one of your brand ambassadors to scale your program? Well, you can. Kind of. This quick video explains how you can use Modash to find creators that are similar to those who you're already having success with.
Lesson 5

Tips On Finding Niche-Specific Influencers With Modash

The more specific your audience is, the harder it might seem to find creators who are a good fit. If that sounds relatable, then this video might help you change the way you think about potential brand partners.
Lesson 1

Intro To Monitoring Influencer Campaigns

Stop screenshotting! The Modash Monitoring tool automatically collects content across social media (even Stories), and pulls it into one overview for reporting & analysis. Follow along for a step-by-step tutorial and set up your first monitoring campaign.

This is the first in a series of tutorials to help you master campaign monitoring!

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