Influencer Marketing API

A versatile influencer marketing API. Get accurate influencer data and use it to automate workflows, integrate with your products, and more.

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Rich data for influencer marketing

Get accurate data for every influencer on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Follower growth, engagement rates, fake followers, audience breakdowns (including demographics), and everything else that you need to make good decisions.

Build custom solutions, enhance existing data, or create visuals & reports. Whatever you need the data for, our influencer API is flexible, versatile, and simple to use.

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Get the precise data you need about creators, audiences, and posts

Here's a non-exhaustive overview of some of the data points available using Modash API. Take a look at our API documentation to learn more & see all available data, or book a demo to speak to the team & get testing credits.

Profile Information Data Profile Analytics Data Audience Data Posts Data
Name Total media count Audience locations Media file and link
Username Engagements Languages Caption
Profile image Engagement rate Audience interests Author
Followers Follower growth Audience age groups Media type
Contact info (email, other socials) Interests Audience genders Hashtags
Account type (e.g. business/creator) Creator location Brand affinity Users tagged
Description / Bio Profile lookalikes Audience lookalikes Engagements
Profiles mentioned Paid post performance Credibility (fake followers) Media comments
Verified or not (Instagram) Average likes / reel plays / comments Notable followers
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A modern API stack that is easy to integrate with

Our API is well documented, and fully based on REST/JSON. That means it will implement well with your existing tools, without the need for handling frustrating legacy code. See our API docs.

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“Modash is our essential partner in very modern, data-driven influencer marketing. Without Modash, it’d be impossible for us to build our CRM with the resources we have.”Read full story >

What you can do with Modash API

Here's just a few examples of what you can do with Modash influencer marketing API

Influencer discovery

Modash allows for granular searching & filtering. Find influencers that have the right audience demographics, locations, interests, and more.

Fraud detection

Check for fake followers, creator engagement rate, and more. Compare your data vs. what's provided by influencers to confirm credibility.

Data-driven decision making

Extract influencer data to combine with other sources (e.g. product or sales data). Equip your team with everything they need for in-depth analysis.

Power your own product/app

Create something new. Add new features. Fuel your own influencer marketing products with accurate data.

Integrate into an existing workflow

Create custom solutions to add Modash data seamlessly into your existing processes. Exactly how you want it.

Create your own reports & visuals

Get raw data in order to build your own branded reports, visuals, and presentations to share internally, or with clients.

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Complete transparency

Our API spec is available publicly, and transparent. We invite you to test it out before implementing fully. Only move forward if you're confident it does what you need it to.

Learn more & request free testing credits
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Modash's founder on stage interviewing with Kipwise founder

Most database’s are lying to their customers. That’s why we built an influencer database with accurate data on every influencer in the world. Brands deserve better, influencers deserve better.

Avery Schrader
CEO and Founder of Modash

Modash API FAQs

What is the starting price for Modash API?

Modash API pricing starts at $16,200 per year, with an annual commitment. Note: the Modash platform & API are priced separately. You can find platform pricing here, which has monthly plans available starting at $120/month.

To get more specific details about how pricing works & scales, book a call to speak to the team & get testing credits.

Can I test the API?

Yep! Book a call with our team and we can get you set up with testing credits. You can also learn more by reading our documentation on testing.

Where will I find my API key?

Once you're set up with an API account, you can get your API key from

Learn more in the documentation.

Got a specific use case in mind?

Tell us about it! We'll help you explore whether or not it's possible using Modash API.