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Independent content creators make the world a better place. They represent free speech and independent thinking in ways that aren’t possible for traditional, monolithic media organizations. The more distributed and nuanced ideas are, the more effectively we learn, make decisions and avoid evil as a society. If you believe that decentralized media is a good thing, you believe in independent creator-ship.

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#Customers, #Creators, #Colleagues
You are compassionate. You want to become better, for you, for your colleagues, your customers, the creators who influenced your life.

#Personal Development
You want to become the best version of yourself. We think that everybody can achieve this if they are placed in the proper environment.

You stand for what you believe, take charge to solve problems, and don't hesitate to speak when something is wrong. No ego. You're the designer of your own life.

#Always Underdog
You are not the smartest, the greatest, the richest, or the best networked, but you are relentless, unwilling to die, and always believe you can do it.

#Well Reasoned
You ask until you understand, you challenge ideas, you make plans, and set goals. You measure your efforts and always find ways to improve.

Modash team picture where the team is doing the Slavic squat in front of a building. From the company's summer days in 2021.
UMA Maakri office, kitchen
UMA Maakri office, call booth
Modash team in Strada Sforii, a very old and narrow street in downtown Brasov.