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"Before finding Modash, I spent months extensively testing platforms, and they all had issues. Finding Modash was brilliant because it not only covers influencer discovery, but it can collect & track our influencers' live content reliably. Without having to ask them all to sign up to anything."Read full story >

Ayme Mendes Da Costa
Influencer Marketing Manager at Regal Rose

"After 5+ years in influencer marketing at 3 different brands, I can truly say that Modash's discovery tool is the only one I ever want to use. I brought it with me when switching jobs. The data is accurate & easy to understand, which makes it easy to find the best influencers for our brand."Read full story >

Anna-Maria Klappenbach
Community & Brand Marketing Lead at Aumio

“I’ve been working with Modash for over 3 years. Previously, I was at a beauty brand and when I started at NordVPN I told my team lead, "I'm going to need Modash.”
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Laura Garsdal
Influencer Marketing Manager at NordVPN
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“Modash covered all our KPIs from the get-go. It pulls the main data points we’re looking for to source the right influencers for Tourlane.”Read full story >

Georgia Humphries
Senior Partnership & Influencer Manager at Tourlane
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”Modash helps us track all videos, posts, and Stories from hundreds of ambassadors worldwide, saving us a ton of time and effort. Modash also gives us campaign Reach, Impressions, and Engagement that we couldn't easily access before (without reaching out to ask every time).“Read full story >

Valeriia Chemerys
Head of Media Partnerships at Deeper

"Modash's content tracking tool saved my life! We had a hard time reliably capturing Stories with another platform. In a recent test, Modash captured 50+ Stories that the other tool missed. It's amazing. Now, it's our primary tracking tool."Read full story >

Amanda Dupuis
Strategic Influencer Marketing Consultant at Cox Communications

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14-day free trial・No credit card required

Stuff influencer marketers ask us

Will I find who I’m looking for in Modash?

Yes! Modash lists every influencer on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with over 1K followers.

With that criteria, you’ll find what’s relevant to you including, but not limited to: 

- Creators in any location by city or country. 
- Creators in any niche or category
- Creators of any size 

For influencer marketing to be successful though, you want to ask: Will I find creators who reach my target audience? To that, we say: Yes, it’s the Modash way! Instead of focusing on your niche, put more focus on the influencer audience.

How do you get your data? How accurate is it?

Just like Google, Modash crawls & analyzes publicly available content and builds insights on top of them.

Our data is super accurate. Some of the fastest-growing B2C companies in the world chose Modash over alternatives after auditing our data. We update it several times a month, so you can trust you’re getting the most recent info, too.

Do you show analytics & performance metrics for influencers & their followers? 

Yes. While analytics will vary across platforms we aim to give you a deep understanding of an influencer profile, including their audience. 

Here are just some of the metrics available in Modash:

- Audience demographics (Age, Gender, Location by city, interests)
- Influencer performance (Follower count, Average likes, Engagement rate, Past Paid Post Performance)
- Vetting (Popular posts, fake followers)

 To see them all, try Modash for free.

Does Modash calculate engagement rate?

You’ll find engagement rates in all our influencer profiles. Test our engagement rate calculator here. (No sign-up needed!)

Can I track my campaigns with Modash?  

Modash will collect ALL of your branded content (even stories) and store it. No creator signup required. You’ll also get insights like who posted what type of content and who complied with ad disclosures and who didn’t. See how it works. 

Do you have any limits?

Our search is almost limitless, but we have limits on profile summaries, emails, and Monitoring. Find these all on our pricing page.