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How it works


Data is collected about every public creator profile several times a month from places like about sections, captions & descriptions of posts, images, videos, and other public info.

Private profiles are always excluded and creators can opt out at any time by contacting us at

An illustrative image on Modash’s influencer discovery filters
An illustrative image on Modash’s influencer discovery filters


The public creator information is organized and brought together in one place.

You could do this process manually, but it would take about 100x longer per profile.


Public creator data is put through different Machine Learning models to bring you rich insights about creators & their audiences, e.g. growth rate, engagement rate, & even number of fake followers.

Computers do the heavy complex math stuff to analyze all info so you can vet & verify influencers & creators quickly.

An illustrative image on Modash’s influencer discovery filters

Voila! A 250M + searchable creator database

Plus, relationship management, campaign monitoring & more coming soon!

Search over 250 million profiles to find creators globally in any niche.
Filter by demographics, location, minimum engagement rate & another 20 parameters to reach your target audience.
Get contact details for the creators you want to outreach.
Check engagement rate, fake follower rate & audience demographics to make smarter decisions about your partners.
Compare insights across shortlisted creators to only work with the best for your brand.
Chill while Modash auto-collects all campaign content for you.

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Modash is proud to be an open-network creator database

Unlike opt-in networks, we list all influencers who post publicly. Here’s how we’re different.

Opt-in Creator Database
Opt-in databases offer vetted lists of influencers who have put up their hand and agreed to join the specific network.

Most suitable for small-scale, one-time, local collaborations in highly mature influencer industries, like fashion and beauty.
Limited options
Once you start narrowing down a vetted influencer list by platform, location, and niche, you’ll quickly run out of options. 

Looking for creators & influencers in countries other than the US, the UK, or Canada? You’ll have no options. 
More get-rich-quick influencers
Influencers on opt-in platforms usually produce basic quality content & are in the creator economy to make a quick buck.
Gatekeep-y status quo
Opt-in networks can become echo chambers. Same voices, same faces, same brands. A higher barrier to entry also means that smaller brands & creators don’t get a piece of the pie.
Open network Creator Database
Open creator networks list every influencer & creator who has chosen to post publicly. Creators can opt out at any time.

Most suitable for efficient in-house marketers for brands with global audiences in any niche looking to partner with creators of all sizes.
Infinite options
You’ll never run out of options because of the sheer size of an open network creator database. As the creator economy grows, so too does Modash.

If a creator is on this planet, whether in the smallest town or the trendiest city, you’ll find them in Modash.
More authentic & relatable creators
Modash has millions of small creators who are posting relatable content because they love creating. (Some might even be fans of your brand already!)
Fair & equitable
Open creator networks can act as a flywheel, creating more opportunities for more people and brands to become part of the creator economy. Now, everyone is invited to play.

Trust Hub

For brands

Modash follows global security practices to keep our customers’ data safe.
You’re in safe hands
Modash is funded by major European venture funds. That means we've been through due diligence by two independent European law firms in the last 3 years, with a legal obligation to fully audit the sustainability and compliance of Modash. who has also funded companies like Klaus, Workfellow & Volument
Change Ventures who has funded companies like Veriff & Printify.
Privacy & Compliance
Headquartered in the European city of Tallinn, Estonia, Modash is held to the highest standards of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Modash customer data is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany (AWS).
View our Privacy Policy
We take all the necessary steps to protect our customer data from villains, data breaches & malicious hackers. Customer data is safe, secure, and strictly confidential with Modash.Data is encrypted at rest and in transit & all transfers conform to EU/US GDPR requirements under the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).
View our Terms of Service

For creators

Our mission is to help every creator on earth make a living doing what they love.
How we pursue our mission
We take steps to only allow companies to access & process influencer data that could be highly beneficial to creators. If a company doesn’t make creators’ lives better, we don’t allow them to use Modash. Here's how we do that:
Block personal & suspicious emails from creating accounts
Restrict free access to our tools
Block users who appear uninterested in employing or partnering with creators
Your personal data
Only publicly available personal data from influencers and creators is collected. Specifically, names, emails, & images.
Your audience data
Your audience is your community. And we take that relationship seriously. Rest assured, all audience data collected is pseudonymized and anonymized.
If your data is not publicly available, you won’t find it in Modash. As a creator, email us by writing to to check your data, or request to be given all data we have stored about you.

You can opt out of the database by writing to and we will remove you from Modash.

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Modash data FAQs

How do you get your data?

Modash works similarly to Google Search. Data is collected by a software program that collects public information on creators and brings it into Modash.

Is Modash GDPR compliant?

Yes. Modash is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation to keep our customer data safe. Find our Terms of Service here & our Privacy Policy here.

Where is Modash data stored?

Data is stored within Europe (Frankfurt, Germany on AWS servers). Data from third-party tools & partners are stored in other hosting facilities. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

Have creators signed up to be found on your platform?

Influencers & creators do not opt-in to our database, but they can opt out at any time. Modash is an open network database. We list publicly available info only. This allows creators to be found more easily by brands & get paid to do what they love.