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July 8, 2019
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of Modash.io
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When you work with social media influencers or brand ambassadors, a strong contract template is important for everyone.

It sets the clear terms and guidelines of the collaboration, lays expectations out transparently and provides a reason for the transaction for your accounting. 

Modash contracts influencers and brand ambassadors globally. Just like you, we need a simple brand ambassador contract template for influencers and influencer marketing campaigns. 

This is a very very basic working template for simple freelance ambassador agreements. I highly recommend you consult with a legal professional before adopting this contract for your own use.

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Some great uses for this kind of brand ambassador contract

This agreement is super easy to use and edit in your PDF editor. You can even just copy paste it to google docs and edit it there. There are a bunch of things you should consider including to keep things clear between you your ambassadors:

Exclusive rights: Make sure your influencer isn’t simultaneously promoting your competitors.

Repurposing Rights: Set the precedent that you are allowed to reuse content generated for the campaign.

Deliverables: Set true and professional guidelines for what tasks an influencer must accomplish. 

Clarify Timeline in your template: Lay out the delivery dates and timeline for full transparency.

Cancel Notice: Set the rules for cancelling the collaboration.

NDA: Non-disclosure agreement to protect your secrets. 

Approval Process: Outlines in the influencer contract template whether or not the creator must submit their content for approval prior to uploading.

Legality responsibilities: Remove yourself from the liability of an influencer doing something illegal while running your campaign. For example, not complying with the rules around #ad.  

Have Payment Rules in your influencer contract: Lay out the if’s and’s and but’s of influencers getting paid. How much, when and under what circumstances.

How to easily sign influencer contracts without printing

There are tools that will help you sign your ambassador contract legally without both parties having to print, sign and scan the document.

1. DocuSign

Docusign is a super popular choice for signing all kinds of documents. They are incredibly easy to use and have a relatively lengthy free trial. With DocuSign, you simply upload the template you need to sign and/or have others sign. From there you can input the forms like “signature” and “date” easily, send it off via email and it’s free for your signer to sign.

docusign signature logo

2. Adobe sign 

Adobe sign is a part of the Adobe document cloud. It’s super useful for integration with other Adobe tools like Acrobat. You can also integrate with most of the popular file-sharing tools. If you actively use Adobe Acrobat and are comfortable with their suite of tools, this might be one to add to the collection for signing contracts with influencers.

example of adobe sign for ambassador contracts
pandadoc example of using for influencer contracts

3. Pandadoc

Pandadoc is another very popular tool for signing contracts and agreements. It’s primary use is for CRM and sales, it’s also a reasonable choice for signing an influencer contract template.

4. Sign easy

Sign easy is another option for signing agreements digitally. It offers many of the same features of the other tools we mentioned but in a very simple UI. If you just want the simplest function of a document signing tool, easy file management and don’t have too many agreements to sign, this might be your best bet. 

Happy influencing! Make sure both sides agree to all terms in writing before launching influencer marketing campaigns. Setting precedents and being transparent is super easy and incredibly useful, but many brands leave it to the wayside. 

We are not lawyers. We have no legal credibility. We do not offer legal advice. We don’t proclaim to have any knowledge of the legalities associated with this kind of contract template for influencers. We did build the best tool to find influencers, though.

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