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September 9, 2021
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Avery Schrader
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If you’re selling to chefs, guitarists, DJs, slam poets, actors, ethical giraffe trainers, or other niches; you've probably struggled to find creators you who reach your audience.

We have worked with a lot of high-growth consumer brands. A question we often get, in one form or another, is, “I’m selling to people in a particular niche. How do I find creators in that niche so I know they can highlight the product value?”.

This is our answer.

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Unveil niche influencers by searching their bio

Modash's search allows you to indicate all of your criteria for a perfect influencer. Once you've done that, we tell you all of the creators who match that criteria anywhere in the world. One example of how you can filter for the right creators is using the bio filter.

A small sample of the filtering options in Modash. Including the bio filter.

In Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok a "bio" is essentially an about section. It's used to give a couple of small details about the account holder. People often self-identify their interests and hobbies in this section of their page. When they do, it’s an extremely strong signal that they eat, sleep and breathe that topic.

To get the most out of the bio-filter in Modash, take a moment to think about the types of words that people actually use. For example, they don’t commonly call themselves a culinary artist and much more often use the term “chef”. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a real person on instagram.

It’s best to try a series of terms and phrases and get a quick understanding of how people in your niche are self-identifying. For example, maybe you’re only interested in working with Musicians. You might want to experiment with a variety of relevant terms and see what stands out:

  • Guitarist
  • Guitar player
  • Guitar
  • Band
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Violin
  • Music
  • Musician
  • Musical artist
  • Singer
  • Songwriter

All of these bio keywords are likely to surface musicians in the Modash search. Unique results, identifying themselves as your key demographic.

Search Example for Demographic Search

Search influencers based on topics and keywords

Another powerful way of finding people who speak about topics in your niche is to use the topic search filter.

It works by taking the keyword you add and combining it with many other related terms. So, if you put in the word “farm”, it will also (though with lower priority) surface creators who use terms like farming, agriculture, barn, fields, cows, and more.

This is best when you want to “lean” in the direction of a topic without necessarily requiring the influencer to eat, sleep and breathe the topic (in the way bio search unveils). Keywords are a better indicator of long term hints toward topics, where bio searching is the influencer saying, “I am exactly this thing”.

Again, this takes experimentation. Try several related terms and phrases when testing out this filter.

Search Example for Topic Based Search

Pro-tip: You can use these filters in collaboration with others. Maybe you want to work with chef's with audience's in the United Kingdom. Maybe you want to target males between 18-24 and work with fitness creators. All of these can be done by experimenting with the various search filters.

What not to do

I was once in a call where someone told me they sell home decor - mostly bespoke lamps and cozy lighting solutions.

They asked me, “How can I find lamp influencers using Modash”. I was really taken aback. What on earth is a lamp influencer?

When looking for your niche influencers, remember it’s not always critical that the influencer only speaks about the topic your business caters to.

In the case of our lamp-influencer friends, I had to awkwardly explain that such a thing doesn’t really exist. However, plenty of creators speak about home decor, furniture, their cozy lives, tiny homes, productivity, and other topics that would be perfectly suited to recommend products like theirs.

Just because they don’t speak strictly and explicitly about lamps on Instagram doesn’t mean their audience isn’t interested in beautiful bespoke lighting.

Before starting your search, consider who you are trying to reach. What kind of creators might they follow? Are you certain they are so obsessed with your topic that they follow content exclusively pertaining to that? Or do they follow content that relates to your brand but isn’t exactly identical?

Don’t forget to experiment. Modash is designed to give you control. To master its powers, you must experiment and find what works best for you. Maybe lookalikes give you fantastic results, maybe searching with lower percentages of location density will work better for you. Maybe you need people who speak about home decor, not “lamp influencers”.

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