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September 11, 2021
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of Modash.io
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It’s common that brands newly scaling their influencer outreach ask us for advice about their emails, DMs, or other channels they’re recruiting on. Unfortunately, hiring influencers can be daunting, and sometimes the advice we give in those calls can be fleeting. So here are 3 email templates, 3 templates for DMS, and 3 comments you can use to drive attention to your offers.

If the outreach doesn’t fit your context perfectly, feel free to use them for inspiration. If you're contacting influencers and not getting a response, these 5 outreach tips will solve that problem.

3 E-Mail Templates

Email outreach Example 1: Shortform initiation

We want to work together for a long, long time. 👐

Hey {Fname},

Stumbled on your Insta, immediately wanted to reach out to you.  

We help people get flowers to loved ones in 24 hours. We have ongoing partnerships where creators your size earn around 20,000 per year.

Full creative freedom. Long-term support. A stable and trustworthy company that respects your hard work. You can read more about us and the program here {Hyperlink to ambassador landing page}.

We’d love for you to be our next partner.

Please let me know what you think! ❤
Brand ambassadors team lead - The flower store

Email outreach Example 2: Longform initiation

You’re on our top 10 list. Let’s work together! 🌻

Hey {Fname},

I’m {Your name}. I lead partnerships at {Company name}. You might have seen our work with {Known influencer name} or {Known influencer name 2}. We’ve had a really great time working together with them and around 30 others.

We work exclusively with creators we feel represent our values and create world-class content. That takes a lot of time and energy to find, but once in a while, we stumble on someone awesome.

That brings me to you, we’ve shortlisted our next 10 ideal partners, and you’re one of them. 🥳

Here’s a bit about us {hyperlink an about page}. Our mission is to help people with small but mighty acts of kindness. Sending flowers (just because you love someone) is our core business.

We love the whole premise of your Tiktok. I feel like you would do a really great job highlighting that “OMG 😍 ” moment when you hand people a bouquet of flowers.

Our offer (feel free to negotiate):

We only pick creators we want to have long-term relationships with. This is not a one-night stand! Once you’re in the program, most creators stay involved for years!

We’ll start with a $200 activation bonus. From there, we’ll pay you 50% of the profit from new customers that use your code and 10% of the profit from every purchase they make in the future as well.

That means if you can get just 1000 of your followers to make a purchase this year, you’ll earn something around $19,000 this year. But, of course, you can earn a lot more depending on how much you post, etc.


We’ll highlight your content in our monthly newsletter, which has around 20,000 readers.

We’ll publish your content on our main Facebook page with links to go follow. We have another 34,000 followers there.

We’re always doing little events, sending gifts and other bonuses to our creators. We really love having strong relationships so, we’ll be like your little sidekick.

Email outreach Example 3: The brief followup

Hey {Fname},

We know you’re super busy, but we need to close our next 10 partnerships by this Friday. You’re our missing link in the chain, and we’d be so happy to have the chance to work together.

Please let us know what would make this a wonderful partnership for you. Nothing is off-limits!

Thanks again.

3 Templates for DMing influencers

DMs are typically where marketers start out when contacting creators. It can work - especially if you write from your personal account. It's important that you engage with some content, follow the profile and get genuinely interested in the content.

If you're a familiar face in their messages, they're more likely to give you a few minutes of their time. It's also more likely that you don't land in a filtered spam inbox because instagram thinks you're a spammy stranger.

You also need to be careful about sending too many DMs per day. If you're sending more than 30-50 new direct messages daily, you'll likely get throttled by Instagram. That means you're more likely to get flagged for spam and possibly even have your account punished or banned.

Direct messaging an influencer example 1: Push to email

👋 Hi {Fname}! Thanks for taking a look. I’m leading partnerships at a company doing the world's most important work - delivering flowers! We want to work with you. Can you take a look at our email? It’s from {Youremail}.

Direct messaging example 2: Getting to yes

Hi {Fname}! We want to partner with you. Our creators earn around 19,000 per year from our partnerships. You might have seen {FlagshipInfluencer} post about us a bunch. Can we make this happen? Oh, btw, we deliver flowers! 🌻

Direct messaging example 3: Personable initiation

Okay {Fname}. We’ve had enough of your awesome content and your beautiful photography. I’m sending you a bouquet of flowers immediately! Can you share your mailing address? ❤ With love, the @flowershop team.

3 Templates for Commenting on influencer content

Comments are wildly successful at grabbing influencer attention, especially if they haven't seen your DM or emails. When you comment on a post, or respond to a story, the influencer get's a notification. If you're fast enough after a post goes up, you'll be the first person they see in their notification thread and will view your comment.

You need to be really careful here. It's easy to sound like a bot. Avoid generic compliments and try to move the conversation to another channel as fast as possible.

Comment outreach 1: Moving to DMs

Sure, your content is beautiful and wonderful. But it needs a lot more flowers. Like a lot. Like a billion. We will send you a billion flowers. Please check your DMs for our message. 💐

Comment outreach 2: Moving to Email with a personal touch.

If this is on the south side of the city, I was at a really similar spot that had this wicked gelato stand. Highly recommend!

Melissa from our team reached out to you. We’d love to work together. If you have a second, can you check your email for our ping?  💐

Comment outreach 3: Straight to the point

Hey! We have been trying to reach you about a partnership. If you have 30 seconds, can you check out our email from melissa@theflowerstore.ee?

Your influencer outreach isn’t just about copywriting.

There are many strategies and basic tactics that can increase your influencer outreach success by 20, 30 or even 70%. Make sure you’re sending 4-5 follow-ups, using a multi-channel approach, and following our 3 critical strategies for improving your win rate when hiring influencers.

As with any marketing channel, this one takes optimization. Track what’s working, brainstorm experiments to improve poorly performing metrics, and rapidly iterate. If you don’t, you’ll never know how powerful your outreach can really be!

If you’re struggling to increase your recruitment rate, here’s 5 ideas that might help.

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