Using Influencer lookalikes to search for niche creators

September 9, 2021
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Avery Schrader
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Influencer lookalikes help you find your next ideal partner.

Finding creators in a certain niche or with a relevant look and feel for your brand is a challenge. You scroll Instagram hunting for creators using relevant hashtags, only to be disappointed by small followings and off-topic content.

But once you stumble on a diamond in the rough, you get that feeling of a win. You can find more of those perfect creators using lookalikes in Modash.

Introducing our Influencer Lookalike Tool.

How to find influencer lookalikes

First a little context for new readers, Modash's influencer database is the largest in the world and gives you the power to search using various filters.

The easiest way to surface lookalikes is to choose an awesome creator and put their username in the username search bar. This will show you the profile you input and similar influencers. Easy as pie.

You can also take it a step further by applying filters to your lookalike search. For example, if we sell art supplies and we’re expanding in Norway, we can find creators similar to an artist we respect.

We can use @banksy as our artist, apply our audience filter Oslo Norway and follower range 50,000-100,000 followers and find all kinds of relevant artists for our search. We could also indicate that the audience should be in a certain age bracket or gender - along with many other criteria.

Sometimes your search will fail to surface relevant results. This is usually because the creator doesn’t talk about the things you might expect when you search for them.

For example, if we’re looking for food related creators, we might use Gordon Ramsay as our starting influencer. We might learn that we only get actors and actresses in the search results. Why? Because @gordonramsay uses Instagram mostly to talk about his Television shows, movie appearances and Hollywood stars he hangs out with. To overcome this, think of other creators (especially smaller accounts or your existing partners) who cover the relevant topic more heavily on their social media pages.

The starting influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity. In fact, we recommend using your existing ambassadors as your base search. You might find they provide the best lookalikes. As always, experiment openly.

Input username, see lookalikes.

Lookalikes by topic vs audience

You can find influencer lookalikes using the username search, opening a sidebar, or viewing the full report of an influencer. All of these show slightly different kinds of influencers.

When using the strategy we discussed above, you’ll find influencers who speak about similar topics. In the sidebar, you’ll see the same topic-based creators.

In the full report, you can find another kind of lookalikes: audience demographic lookalikes. They are exactly what they sound like, creators who speak to similar audience demographics as the influencer you’re viewing.

Using influencer lookalikes is a surefire way to ramp up your recruitment speed once you’ve identified a couple of winning creators who you think are the perfect fit. Experiment with lookalikes today and find creators who speak to your target audience.

If you're searching for creators, check out our directory for finding local influencers.

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